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Tencent and WeChat

Most people in South Africa know that Naspers owns just less than one-third of the Chinese mega company, Tencent.  They don’t generally know what Tencent’s major product is, and that is an app called WeChat.  It is obviously a chatting site similar to WhatsApp, but has more functions than WhatsApp, but it is so much more than that and it is used all over China, not to mention Hong Kong, which of course is a part of China, but has a border between itself and mainland China, by almost everyone.  Some of the key differences to WhatsApp would be that it would allow you for example to see other users of the app in your proximity and contact them – that is if they have made themselves searchable.

It is however much, much more and for example it is used by many people to store their money and then they use the app to pay bills. While I was travelling in China recently the businessmen I was with used the app repeatedly for example to pay taxis, but also to settle restaurant bills.

It is also very common when people meet each other to simply bring up their QR code and simply scan all their contact details into your phone.  The latest service that is added is a WeChat app for the Apple watch – to my knowledge, for example, WhatsApp does not have it.  Those that have WeChat would consider it a far superior service with much more functionality than WhatsApp.  After seeing how huge WeChat is, I personally became more confident in Tencent.  What astounds me is that a company like Naspers from little old South Africa, spotted the potential in this company so many years ago, and it is something I have written about on my blog before, mentioning Flippie Meyer, who always believe in the share and Alec Hogg, who did not, both of whom I used to play golf with prior to Flippie passing away. 

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Thabitha  said:
on Thursday 24-Jan-19 08:38 AM
It is a good app to have in your phone more especially when you are traveling it makes easier to pay your bills nice

patrick  said:
on Tuesday 11-Dec-18 08:49 AM
Tencent has huge potential but markets can not be confirmed. Who thought Steinhoff can go down. We have greedy leaders.

Nicolle  said:
on Tuesday 11-Dec-18 07:58 AM
My sister met her boyfriend on WeChat. So although the popularity of this particular app hasn't gained much weight in South Africa, it is still being utilised by some. That being said, how the moment, I agree with Henrietta, preferring the intimacy of WhatsApp to overcrowded apps.

Zindy  said:
on Tuesday 11-Dec-18 07:54 AM
I must say, I am happy with WhatsApp messenger, you can message, call, video call, send media files. It does what I need it to do and seems more private as it basically works on the numbers you have saved on your phone. However if your looking at expanding your friends list and meeting new people I guess Wechat would work.

Tersia  said:
on Monday 10-Dec-18 11:43 AM
I actually did not even know about WeChat untill now. I see in the comments below that it's like a chat room, and that would also irritate me. It will probably take over like WhatsApp also took over. I still remember a good few years ago when everybody had mixit and that was also the coolest way to communicate to people at that time. They will over the years again think of something better and cheaper than WhatsApp.

Henrietta  said:
on Monday 10-Dec-18 08:57 AM
I think the thing about wechat that annoys me is the fact that is almost like a chat site. What I love about Whatsapp is that only your contacts and people that have your number can chat to you. It's just a cheaper way to communicate with friends and family.

Sinead  said:
on Monday 10-Dec-18 08:38 AM
I suppose WeChat is good for networking. I have never downloaded the app and I don't know of many people that use it.
Seems pretty cool that you can pay using the app. There aren't many apps that allow multiple tasks like that...

Shristi  said:
on Sunday 02-Dec-18 06:08 PM
I downloaded WeChat some time back and I didn't really like it. I will stick to WhatsApp.

candice  said:
on Friday 30-Nov-18 04:39 PM
I cannot handle WeChat yes its kind of the same as whatsapp but there are complete freaks on there. I will take WhatsApp over that app anyday

Prishani   said:
on Wednesday 28-Nov-18 04:40 PM
And here we are thinking that WhatsApp is the best invention ever! It is interesting to see how Apps are constantly modified to suit consumers. This sounds wonderful and I would definitely be a fan of it! Anything to make tedious tasks easier I guess.

Jessica M  said:
on Tuesday 27-Nov-18 10:15 AM
I have never enjoyed WeChat ever, I find it to actually be very irritating. I also don't like people knowing how close they are to me, it's creepy actually. So for me it's of no use using it.

Cornelie  said:
on Tuesday 27-Nov-18 09:25 AM
Not firmiliar with WeChat my phone came out with it but never used it. I only use Whats up.

Brenda Du Toit   said:
on Tuesday 27-Nov-18 06:55 AM
Not really interested to downloaded any apps. I will rather stick with Whats app. I have Facebook but i don't even use it anymore

Joyce  said:
on Monday 26-Nov-18 01:30 PM
WeChat App sounds convenient.

Megan  said:
on Friday 23-Nov-18 12:09 PM
Personal never had WeChat and wasn't really interested in getting it. I think I am at that point where I'm only contacting important people and people I know. I knew that WeChat helps with meeting new people and if you're not interested in doing that then I don't see the need for it.

Ashleigh  said:
on Thursday 22-Nov-18 11:20 AM
I don't really download these sort of app's. I stick to what I know which is WhatsApp and Facebook and that's it.

Jadine Esterhuizen  said:
on Thursday 22-Nov-18 10:09 AM
I've tried WeChat when it just came out wasn't very popular as most of my family didn't know what I was talking about. But it has picked up a bit and will in future become a norm as what Whats app is. Personally I still prefer whats app its convenient and cheaper and saves a bit on data.

Jolene   said:
on Thursday 22-Nov-18 09:59 AM
I downloaded WeChat years ago but deleted it soon thereafter. I didn’t know it was so popular but I still prefer WhatsApp, it is cheap and convenient.

Victoria  said:
on Thursday 22-Nov-18 08:54 AM
I had WeChat a while ago and I didn't really enjoy the app, but sounds like there has been upgrades to the app which has made many people use WeChat. There is so much you can use WeChat for now, it is convenient to have the app.

Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Thursday 22-Nov-18 08:20 AM
WeChat sounds very appealing but I'm comfortable with WhatsApp and also feel ill rather have different app's for different things .

courtney  said:
on Wednesday 21-Nov-18 04:51 PM
I think most people would rather stick to Whats app then WeChat because they are not so familiar with it. Sometimes the best thing to do is change, even if it is just a 'chatting site'.

Alexis  said:
on Wednesday 21-Nov-18 04:39 PM
I do remember that blog. It is always noce to see people taking the opportunity to improve on ideas and provide the consumer with a better experience etc.

Angelique Jurgens  said:
on Tuesday 20-Nov-18 03:10 PM
I simply prefer Whatsapp because most people are on Whatsapp. It does sound impressive, but like most people we get comfortable and loyal to certain brands and apps. I'm sure Whatsapp will surely catch up - especially if they want to keep their customers.

Michelle D  said:
on Tuesday 20-Nov-18 08:40 AM
I downloaded WeChat last year when visiting my brother in China, it's amazing how people can use one app to control their entire lives. You can use it for everything from paying for your groceries to renting bicycles. WeChat unfortunately just hasn't taken off in South Africa, we're too comfortable with WhatsApp. In saying that we have progressed from Mxit to BBM to WhatsApp, so perhaps WeChat will be next?

Jessica A   said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 01:51 PM
I must agree with Jadine, in that South Africans have an aversion to staying abreast with technological advancements - What a breeze to able to pay your bills with the same app that you use to communicate with - Life simplified! Less storage space required on your phone...

Interestingly, WeChat is FREE!
With 1.057 billion users - it is something we should consider!

Jadine Richards  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 12:18 PM
It appears many would be hesitant to switch from WhatsApp to WeChat as it seems us South Africans have a bit of an aversion to keeping up with constant technological changes. However, when people do start making the switch then I think it will happen fairly instantaneously, as was the situation with Mxit and BBM.

Clare  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 12:01 PM
I must say I am not one to download so many Messaging apps I have WhatsApp and that's that. I don't really like going on to many of these things. I don't even have Facebook anymore as social media is becoming scary with people hacking and stealing kids ect..

Melissa  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 10:16 AM
Not really interested in any other chatting apps. I prefer Whatsapp which is much more convenient and not complicated at all.

Bianca N  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 09:30 AM
It sounds interesting, although I prefer to stick to Whatsapp. It's really great that someone from South Africa saw the potential in this.

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 09:23 AM
WeChat might be for some people, but I prefer a simple app like Whatsapp and my cash in my pocket, and not a hack-able cell phone.

Daniella  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:59 AM
WeChat doesn't really sound appealing to me as all my family and friends have whatsapp. I'm not really a person that wants one app doing everything I feel as though something can go wrong so quickly with something like that.

Tamaryn  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:57 AM
I didn't know that WeChat was so popular or capable of so many functions. I don't like the idea of being others being able to pick up your proximity so if I download the app I would block the searchable option, but that's just me and I can see the appeal for those out there wanting to use the app for social and networking purposes. I would be happy to make payments using the app, there is nothing worse than the wait with the portable payment docks!

Natasha  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:51 AM
I had wechat a while back but stop using it. But my friend moved to China so that is kind of the only way that we can communicate. Its a nice app its just a bit irritating if people add you and and all you want to do is talk to your friend.

Sarah  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:39 AM
Wechat is a popular app to be used, it was first released in 2011, and by 2018 it was one of the world's largest standalone mobile apps by monthly active users, with over 1 billion monthly active users.

Fikile  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:30 AM
I had WeChat just to enter competitions and vote for people on games that they are playing, at most that was big brother because everything you would write on the message they would show it on TV that was all. Would i download WeChat now i dough it because it was never challenging or fun, they tried so hard to make it more like Whatsapp but with more things but it was still boring.

Liz  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:23 AM
People are always looking for one app that can be used not only for chatting but that can assist in every day admin such as paying bills, WeChat seems to be that app and will hopefully become more popular in South Africa.

Melissa van Tellingen   said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:17 AM
I've heard great things about the App. However, all my friends and family members use WhatsApp. I'm sure that the WeChat App will pick up more users in future but I believe that WhatsApp gets used more than any other chat app in South Africa.

brumilde  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:03 AM
I think I had Wechat on my phone a couple of years ago, but not many South Africans use it, it was not worth the data. I am astounded to see how it has grown and became more than just a communicative tool

david  said:
on Monday 19-Nov-18 08:01 AM
as soon as whatsapp has ads, other messaging apps will have a chance in SA.


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