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A time to move off Instagram

I don’t think there is much benefit in most social media, but a couple of weeks ago I decided to suspend my Instagram account as well.  The reality of the matter is that people out there are not interested in beautiful pictures, what they are interested in is actually women dressed in bikinis, or less, and what I would consider inappropriate photographs, at least in terms of publishing them to the world as opposed to one’s boyfriend!  Anybody who has those types of photos has thousands of followers, if not tens of thousands, and what was incredibly interesting to me was watching and following for a while some of the friends of a young relative of mine.  I met the friends, I saw the life they lived - and what I saw in real life and what I saw on Instagram was completely different.   

The Instagram “model”, when she is standing in your kitchen, without makeup with her extremely unattractive latest boyfriend, does not even begin to resemble all the bikini g-string type photographs she has on her profile.  Another person, whose parents I know are financially struggling, only post pictures to his Instagram account that shows him wearing a R15,000 jacket and standing in front of private jets on the way to a skiing holiday.  I have watched that myself in my offices over the years where staff will say that candidate attorney X is very wealthy, because her parents have given her the latest new car.  Nobody ever stops to enquire as to whether that car is financed, like so many people’s cars are, and whether or not that is really a sign that mom and dad are “wealthy” or are just taking on more and more finance and living on credit?  And how do we define wealth anyway – but things bought on credit or actual cash in the bank or shares? 

I think the reality is what we see on Instagram is a distortion, it brings out the worst in humanity – or as somebody else puts it rather bluntly, “encourages more assholes” and it ends up making half of the people sick with jealousy.  I would be interested in something if a beautiful picture of a mountain with snow on it or a picture of the Lighthouse at Umhlanga Rocks are always rewarded with followers, but truthfully, let’s be honest, to get followers you need to have three 21 year olds standing in g-strings in front of the Lighthouse while using a whole lot of hash tags like #sexy #instamodel #gstring – you may laugh, but that’s the reality of who generally has the most followers or likes! 

Do you really get deep happiness and satisfaction out of posting show off pics or seeing those of others?  Does anyone else really care as they rack up those “likes” on your account or are they secretly jealous and just liking your pics so you will “like” theirs? 

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Friday 15-Mar-19 Share on Facebook   Tweet It

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Victoria  said:
on Wednesday 20-Mar-19 04:43 PM
I feel like these people who are not being true to themselves, these Social Media platforms give people the opportunity to create a perfect image of themselves which isn't true. Everyone has their bad days, but they will never post about there bad days. I don't even post on social media anymore, it is so difficult to keep up with everything that it becomes tiring. There is no point to post your whole life on social media there is no need for it. Live in the moment and stay present!

Claudia B  said:
on Wednesday 20-Mar-19 08:45 AM
I have Instagram, and you do get people that will be on Instagram 24/7. But sometimes it's nice to see the photo's people post from around the world.

Zandelee  said:
on Wednesday 20-Mar-19 08:05 AM
I am also taking a break from Instagram. Instagram often just shows all the fancy and good things in people's lifes and never the bad. People are also obsessed with how many likes they get on their photos and will glue themselves to their phones refreshing it every 5 minutes to see who liked their photo - this to me leads to an obsession and people forgetting how to be social in person. Also so many young adults have said to get depressed because of social media like Instagram and often commit suicide. This to me is very sad.

Fikile  said:
on Tuesday 19-Mar-19 02:43 PM
Social media is in both ways, it's sometimes good and again bad for other people. like most people post their bodies on line because most people in their lives don't compliment them that much or not even enough so they turn into social media to give them a boost about how they look. then again it's bad because other people end up killing themselves because of the comments that they get from other people.

Natasha  said:
on Tuesday 19-Mar-19 08:30 AM
I have Instagram but I barely go on it.Its becoming an annoyance. Its the same thing over and over again.I only go onto social media if I really have nothing to do.

Courtney  said:
on Monday 18-Mar-19 12:36 PM
I have never had Instagram, never will I ever have it.
I do have Facebook but I barely use it.
Social Media sucks! It's were all the drama begins...

Angelique Jurgens  said:
on Monday 18-Mar-19 11:34 AM
I think we are awfully quick to judge people from their online accounts. Everyone is different and should be able to do what they want. Just like how people can choose to unfollow accounts that they dont want to see. The reality is, sex sells! It didn't develop yesterday and has been a thing for ages. I certainly don't think a lot of social media is healthy. It creates a generation of out of touch, jealous and show off a-holes.

I am glad that I have deleted social media but now and then I do miss it. I wonder why do you miss social media - well when I am bored I like to see what some people or celebrities are up to. I just know however, that social media is addictive!

Jadine Richards  said:
on Monday 18-Mar-19 10:58 AM
I always find it astonishing to see how people on Instagram are living such lavish lives. Always wondering how it is that they afford to live such a lifestyle and whether I have gone seriously wrong at some point in my life. This is a reminder that not everything is at it seems to be. These stories on Instagram often portray a context that is not in fact a reality.

Jadine Esterhuizen  said:
on Monday 18-Mar-19 08:19 AM
Social media has a way of letting the young and innocent being accustom to showing off the extravagant life though truly at times its the exact opposite.
You tend to see half naked pics with the most likes and comments but very little with a graduation outfit that covers everything.

Jessica M  said:
on Friday 15-Mar-19 02:06 PM
Well I personally don't like Instagram. What is the actual point of it? I have an account I think I post if even once a year. I can't stand how people overdo their daily lives on the damn thing too. Look at me drinking, look at me bathing, look at me gyming. It's of no point where as other people might find that they enjoy that. I personally don't.

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Friday 15-Mar-19 01:42 PM
Unfortunately social media allows social profiles and identities to cloud people's judgments of reality, and even more unfortunately some people start living in the fantasy world of their social identities, believing that their real lives are not sad. We should all do our best to protect ourselves against this and keep our minds inside the current reality and not the what-ifs and what-could-bes.

Clare  said:
on Friday 15-Mar-19 09:11 AM
I must say that what people post on social media is very upsetting, It is either Sex, Drugs and Death, my heart hurts on the stuff about kids. I don't like being online I don't like seeing these thing and this Is why I keep away from it.

Angelica Canosa  said:
on Friday 15-Mar-19 08:51 AM
AMEN to this post!!!! my thoughts exactly.. I have little respect for women who pose half naked/naked in order to get attention. Women always talk about earning respect and being respected for their intelligence but then they portrait themselves as a "sex objects" by wearing thongs and posting it with inspirational nonsense and hashtags.

Social media is a false reality and can be an addiction. They have even linked higher usage of social media with increased risks for depression and anxiety disorders.It is very difficult to live up to a standard that is based on fiction and people representing only the best version of their lives.

Bianca N  said:
on Friday 15-Mar-19 08:40 AM
I have removed the Instagram app from my phone. I haven't been on there in ages although I am sure my account is still active, it hasn't been used. I don't even remember my login details. There is no point in it honestly, especially since all the filters you find on there is also on your phone now.

david  said:
on Friday 15-Mar-19 07:29 AM
social media is rubbish.
it helps to keep people dumbed down so they don't think about real issues.
did you know that some people get their news from facebook?
i don't think i need to say more...


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