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World Cup euphoria

It is very hard for a small country, like South Africa, to win lots of international tournaments or Olympic medals.  Those wins that we do get are really treasured and probably mean more to us than to many other countries.  I remember the feeling in 1995 when we won the Rugby World Cup as well as attending the parades for the Springbok rugby team after the 2007 World Cup win.  Those are truly special times in a country which need to be savoured and enjoyed, because you never know how long you will wait for the next one – in rugby the pattern seems to be every 12 years.

We knew we had a good team going in and that we were one of the best teams in the world this time round, but both New Zealand and England looked formidable.  When England destroyed New Zealand it was no surprise that the bookmakers priced them up at 5/10 meaning that mathematically they had a 75% chance of winning. We took our 25% chance, which if course is not a huge outsider in any “two horse” race, but certainly a surprise - and it was a fantastic win for the team and the country.  To give you a perspective on the odds, Donald Trump always claims that he was a massive outsider when he won the Presidency.  That of course is not true in any race involving just two people or two teams, because its never a huge shock if the 2nd option wins, but Donald Trump’s odds of winning in 2016 were statistically better than the Springboks’ chance of winning.  Of course, that is not the way we, as South Africans, saw the Springboks’ chances because we know exactly how passionate and strong our teams are.  In fact, we have never lost in a Rugby World Cup, once we have made the final, and on almost all of the occasions we have not been the favourites.  

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Natasha  said:
on Tuesday 14-Jan-20 08:55 AM
I am so proud of the boys it was an amazing game and with the last few minutes left in the game when they started to engrave South Africa it was such a proud moment.

Williams Robert  said:
on Saturday 11-Jan-20 03:07 PM

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Sinead  said:
on Thursday 12-Dec-19 08:47 AM
What an incredible time for our country, with the Rugby World Cup win and SA taking Miss Universe! I saw memes of the two of them being South Africa's head boy and head girl.
We all sat on the edge of our seats watching the game. What an exciting time it was! To smell all the braais and see all the beers. Pubs were incredibly full (I stayed away) and when driving for the rest of the afternoon, we all hooted and waved our flags wherever we went. What a day!

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Thursday 12-Dec-19 07:22 AM
This was a great game to watch. It was so nice to see how South Africa came together and stood together.

Cornelie  said:
on Monday 09-Dec-19 10:10 AM
I am so happy the Boks has won that game well played as well.

Tamaryn  said:
on Tuesday 03-Dec-19 11:41 AM
South Africans know just how to beat the odds, and when the chips are down we always pull through. We've got a strong sense of pride and fight hard when we're the underdogs. It was a great win won fairly and squarely and well deserved!

Lourien  said:
on Friday 29-Nov-19 03:20 PM
I also watched the rugby world cup game and it was so exciting to see the Springboks playing such a good game, they really gave it their all and they made their country proud. Everyone was supporting the Springboks and it was so nice to see that so many people actually waited for the springboks when they arrived back in South Africa. A game like this brings the country together.

Dasanya  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 04:52 PM
I am not a rugby fan but South Africa being in the final brought along such a wonderful feeling for the whole country! We backed our team and supported them throughout even though we weren't considered as one of the favourites. I was quite disappointed to not see them while on their victory parade but nevertheless, the final was definitely such a special and proud time for our country.

Zindy  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 10:54 AM
The Bokke played an amazing game. I think we are all proud of them. Shows you no matter what odds are against you always keep trying.

Thabitha  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 07:45 AM
Our country needs positive spirit or something that will bring hope to the South Africans thanks to the boys.

Dune  said:
on Monday 25-Nov-19 04:21 PM
What a great game, however it sort of turned into a runaway game towards the end. I will admit that I am a proud New Zealand supported and yes I was gutted to see them knocked out by my least favorite team, England. But I am so proud of the springboks and the way they played. I think SA's win was an absolute shock to the world, I almost got the feeling that when England stepped out on the field that they already thought they have one the game. It was however sad to see their unsportsmanlike behavior when they were collecting their medals. But again proud of SA and the great performance they gave.

Helen  said:
on Monday 25-Nov-19 01:28 PM
It was an amazing final game to watch - South Africa beat England 32-12 and the Springboks became the first team to win the World Cup after losing a match after being beaten in their opening by New Zealand.
Truly rainbow nation, standing up for each other and fighting for the win till the last breath!
Very proud for South Africa

Nicolle  said:
on Sunday 24-Nov-19 04:03 PM
I am not a big sports fan. I have never been. That being said, when the air is electric with pride and excitement, how can one not simply join in on the spirit? I remember watching the last two matches. The semi-finals and the finals. The streets were quiet, not a body in sight. All bodies, their eyes and ears, hopes and wishes fixated on the final game! Like I said, I am not much of a sports fanatic, but, even I was enthralled in the final, excellent game! They played hard. They played well. They brought it home!

The atmosphere in South Africa was bubbling with pride, joy, excitement, cheer and above all there was a sense of unity. This is what this game and winning it has done. It, even if only momentarily, united South Africans in spirit!

Bronwyn  said:
on Tuesday 19-Nov-19 01:30 PM
this was an amazing experience and such a proud moment to see how our country stood together for the few minutes they played

Tersia  said:
on Tuesday 19-Nov-19 09:25 AM
I actually do not agree that we were not favorites this time around, because we had a lot of Japanese fans rooting for us especially after we had beaten them in the quarter finals. In their culture they believe that if they lost against someone/team and that team had to go and lose against another team then they as Japan are not a good enough team, but losing against a team that were basically unbeaten meant that they as a team are good because they lost against the Champions. We most certainly had a great team of players this time around and a wonderful coach as well. Coach Rasie and the whole team made the country very proud and I also think it was because of all the love and support they were receiving from all the way back here in South Africa. It was amazing to see how we all came together and that should be inspiring to all of us – to come together all the time and not just when events like this happen.

Kayla  said:
on Tuesday 19-Nov-19 08:30 AM
The Springboks did great and made our country proud!

Brumilde Cronje  said:
on Monday 18-Nov-19 10:24 AM
It was a very proud day for all of South-Africa. Even before the timer ran out our name was being carved. I hope this helps our country a little bit on the economy side .

Megan  said:
on Thursday 14-Nov-19 11:05 AM
Very proud moment for our country, walking through the stores that day everyone was so friendly and social... I really wish we could always be so united. The game was great and we really deserved the win!

Ashleigh  said:
on Thursday 14-Nov-19 09:37 AM
I am extremely proud of our boys and them bringing the cup home. Very emotional time as well. They really did their best and it was well deserved. South Africa really needed this positivity too.

Michelle D  said:
on Monday 11-Nov-19 03:38 PM
I don't think I have ever felt more proud in my twenty odd years of life. Honestly an inspirational moment in South African history.

Melissa  said:
on Monday 11-Nov-19 10:06 AM
This was a very emotional and happy moment for this country. They really made us proud!

Henrietta  said:
on Monday 11-Nov-19 08:12 AM
It was an amazing and very emotional game. Watching our husbands and the way they screamed at the TV and at times pacing up and down was quiet funny to watch. We were on our toes a lot but they had a strong team and they deserved it. Well played SA!

Joyce  said:
on Friday 08-Nov-19 04:54 PM
Amazing Team made us all proud. Well done.

Alexis  said:
on Friday 08-Nov-19 04:20 PM
And that was a game hey, really enjoyed it. South Africa has always pulled through when it comes to most sports. Just shows one though that we are capable when we have a goal to work towards, and the captain and team were outstanding.

Prishani  said:
on Friday 08-Nov-19 03:36 PM
This is really a very special moment for our country! There was a spectacular atmosphere almost everywhere this whole week! Lots of excitement and positivity.

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Friday 08-Nov-19 02:51 PM
You could definitely feel the love for the Springboks during the semi-finals and finals. Well done Springboks.

Sarah  said:
on Friday 08-Nov-19 11:57 AM
Well done Bokke!!! hard work and a positive attitude does pay off. They had a very good support structure , it shows you what good team work does

Jolene   said:
on Thursday 07-Nov-19 08:40 AM
Well done Bokke! You have made us all proud!

Shristi  said:
on Thursday 07-Nov-19 08:27 AM
This was such an intense match! The Boks have done undoubtedly did us proud and I really wish I was there to experience it. I was at the airport when Siya Kolisi arrived from Japan with the Webb Ellis Cup trophy and what an electric atmosphere is was just indescribable.

Courtney  said:
on Thursday 07-Nov-19 07:41 AM
I had tears in my eyes watching this game! They gave they're all and more and it definitely paid off. This makes me so proud to be a huge Springbok fan.

Brenda Du Toit   said:
on Thursday 07-Nov-19 07:19 AM
It was an amazing game. They deserved to win the cup they made us all proud . Well done boys

patrick  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 04:46 PM
It is positive news indeed despite the negative comments that come from other sections of our country.

Thembi  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 03:31 PM
It was amazing game well done boys u make us proud.

Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 02:28 PM
It was an amazing game and one that will not be forgotten.
We were truly a united rainbow nation who came together as one, it was so lovely and heartwarming to see.
What a fantastic team !

Angelique Jurgens  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 01:42 PM
I felt so incredibly proud and the atmosphere was incredible! It was like we all knew each other. Everyone strutting around with pride. The Boks definitely made us proud. Love it when the underdogs come out on top but like you said us, as South Africans did not even think of ourselves in that light! The pay is in :)

sandra  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 12:47 PM
Our team has proven that hard work pays off. I am so proud of these men. They deserved to win the cup. It is nice to be an underdog in other countries eyes, because the shock of wining is the best. South Africa was always a great team

Bianca N  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 11:37 AM
I feel like we really needed this, and the team made us all so proud! It was an incredible game, and we had a fantastic team and coaches. The odds never bothered us in any case, we had hope and I think every South African felt tremendous pride when the game was over and we had won.

Fikile  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 09:06 AM
That game was the best game. It goes to show that we can't loose on all the games the has to be at-least one game we win if not all of them. I am happy with how the boys played, they showed how much they wanted to win this not only for themselves but for the whole country that was behind them since day one.

Lucretia  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 08:52 AM
I was more nervous in the semi-finals than I was in the finals. I knew when we beat Wales we would take the world cup. Our boys have done us so proud the absolute pride that was felt by all in the club we were watching at was tangible and yes brought back memories of 1995 and 2007.

Victoria  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 08:51 AM
This game was awesome to watch! This team is truly something special and definitely deserved to win.

Clare  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 08:49 AM
The Game was awesome... I am so proud of our team and I am so happy we won. Weldone to the Boks. We needed some positivity.

Roxanne  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 08:22 AM
The game was a very good game and it brought all our spirits up

Claudia B  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 08:18 AM
The game was really amazing to watch and to see how everyone got together. Really happy that we won the game.

Ziyanda  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 08:12 AM
It was really wonderful to watch and even wished I was there for the celebrations.

david  said:
on Wednesday 06-Nov-19 07:09 AM
it was wonderful to watch.


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