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Depeche Mode movie

Today, around the world, there is a screening of a Depeche Mode concert video.  Its apparently more documentary, focusing on some fans of the group, interspersed with recent concert footage.  I am going along, for better or worse, because they are one of my favorite bands and much of what they pioneered in terms of electro pop and computer-based music has been copied by so many bands after them.  The movie is titled Depeche Mode: Spirits in the Forest.  I am not a big fan of the juvenile lyrics written by most pop bands, but Depeche Mode always kept it simple and true to life.  By way of example, talking about the world we live in now, the song Everything Counts deals with materialism, con artists and how people will do everything to keep that graph, of how much money and power they have, increasing:

The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
All for themselves after all

It's a competitive world
Everything counts in large amounts

The graph on the wall
Tells the story of it all
Picture it now
See just how the lies and deceit
Gained a little more power
Confidence taken in by a sun tan and a grin

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Thursday 21-Nov-19 Share on Facebook   Tweet It

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Dasanya  said:
on Friday 13-Dec-19 10:48 AM
I don't think I have ever heard of this band however, it must be quite exciting to have a movie released on your favourite band/musician especially if you have grown up listening to their music.

Bronwyn  said:
on Friday 13-Dec-19 08:44 AM
I have never heard of the group before i will have to do some research on them

Lucretia  said:
on Thursday 12-Dec-19 09:01 AM
Depeche Mode got their name from a French magazine about fashion and, in the 80's they lived up to the name with the sleek look and fashionable clothing.

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Thursday 12-Dec-19 07:33 AM
I don't think that i've hear any of their music before, i'll go check them out

Ashleigh  said:
on Wednesday 11-Dec-19 03:14 PM
I am a fan of Depeche Mode too. I certainly will be watching this movie. *Enjoy the Silence* and *Just can't get enough* songs are what most people will know from them.

Michelle D  said:
on Tuesday 03-Dec-19 06:01 PM
Depeche Mode is a very cool band, I only know one of their songs extremely well though. Enjoy the silence. Which is an extremely good song, good lyrics. One should try and aim for a happy life with experiences rather than material possessions.

Daniella  said:
on Monday 02-Dec-19 02:04 PM
when reading this blog initially I had no Idea who Depeche was until i googled and heard the song Just cant get enough - I had no idea it was them probably the only song I actually know though.

Melissa  said:
on Monday 02-Dec-19 01:58 PM
Never heard their music before - I will definitely check them out. You will never know if you like their music if you never listened to it

Thembi  said:
on Monday 02-Dec-19 09:07 AM
Never heard of them

Kathryn  said:
on Friday 29-Nov-19 12:00 PM
Crazy to me that so many people have never even heard of this band, I grew up listening to their music.

Helen  said:
on Friday 29-Nov-19 11:03 AM
Would be very interesting for me to watch this documentary Depeche Mode:SPIRITS in the Forest. I was growing up with their music and love their lyrics too!
Specially when there is special one-night only event!

Jolene   said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 05:01 PM
I'm glad too see I'm not the only one who has not heard of this band before. I will have to go listen to some of their songs,

Tamaryn  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 04:51 PM
Depeche Mode have some amazing lyrics which I appreciate, but I've always found it a bit difficult to merge those lyrics with their electro-pop sound.

Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 10:48 AM
I love the song "I just can't get enough" and only found out now that Depeche Mode sings this song lol

sarah  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 09:47 AM
I might of listen to a sing or two of theirs, this is really an old brand. When I read the words of the song they are so true. people are worried about money and power today but not the environment etc

Thabitha  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 08:14 AM
First time hearing of the band and enjoy the movie

Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 07:22 AM
Have never heard of this band ,will definitely go listen to some of their songs

zandelee  said:
on Thursday 28-Nov-19 06:34 AM
I watched the trailer for this and it looks good!

Natasha Gouws  said:
on Wednesday 27-Nov-19 10:18 AM
I Have never heard of this band before, i will have to go listen to their music.Good Luck to them .

Fikile  said:
on Tuesday 26-Nov-19 03:41 PM
i don't know the band so am not going to say much about them or their music but all the best to them and their future goals

Victoria  said:
on Tuesday 26-Nov-19 11:48 AM
My Dad is a fan of theirs, I will be sure to tell him that there is a movie out.

Roxanne Rautenbach  said:
on Monday 25-Nov-19 04:58 PM
I love that band, would love to see the movie

Dune  said:
on Monday 25-Nov-19 04:18 PM
This is the first time hearing of them. I will however like to watch the movie and learn more about them seems like its worthwhile after watching the trailer.

sandra  said:
on Monday 25-Nov-19 04:07 PM
Lyrics that are so deep. It is appreciated. Songs have a lot of meanings, it depends on how you understand them

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Monday 25-Nov-19 02:37 PM
I appreciate seeing a song with lyrics that contain messages, about things that count. Music is one of the biggest forms of influence on the population as a whole and so it is definitely the best way to get a message across. This is not always a good thing, which is why it is nice to see meaningful lyrics out there.

Shristi   said:
on Monday 25-Nov-19 08:01 AM
I have not heard of them before. I will surely go and listen to some of their music.

Nicolle  said:
on Sunday 24-Nov-19 05:36 PM
A moment of appreciation for Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” is needed. The song is, in a word, brilliant. The lyrics so much so that it translated into a number of well known, well-liked artists covering it. With each cover, breathing new life, new love, new interpretation, insight and meaning into the lyrics.

Alexis  said:
on Friday 22-Nov-19 03:53 PM
They are not too bad, but not really my cup of tea. Though they have been around since I can remember. It is nice that they try and bring realism into their lyrics to speak to a person though.

Angelique Jurgens  said:
on Friday 22-Nov-19 01:40 PM
Never heard of them - probably before my time!

Claudia B  said:
on Friday 22-Nov-19 08:09 AM
I have not heard any of the music before but will most definitely go list to some of the music.

Brumilde Cronje  said:
on Friday 22-Nov-19 07:10 AM
I was never a fan. You get the groupies as you would call them that would tag along. And this is were drugs and other unmentionables happen. Their lyrics do really seem nice

Edwin  said:
on Thursday 21-Nov-19 05:26 PM
I am a fan, I listened to there music in the early 90’s but im not a big music fundi

Henrietta  said:
on Thursday 21-Nov-19 12:15 PM
I enjoy some of their songs won't say that I am a huge fan. My husband on the other hand is a fan of theirs and the film is something my husband will most certainly will want to watch. I watch the trailer and it looks interesting, different than all the other movies about artists - focusing more on them and their bio, this film is more about the fans, what the music meant to them how it help etc. I hope you enjoy the film

Courtney  said:
on Thursday 21-Nov-19 09:20 AM
Not a fan at all.

Megan  said:
on Thursday 21-Nov-19 09:15 AM
Can appreciate different genres of music, what appeals to one may not appeal to another. I hope you enjoy it too. I don't recall much about artists originating from the 80s, not unless my parents played it.

Bianca N  said:
on Thursday 21-Nov-19 08:52 AM
Not really a huge fan of electro pop; but that said I hope you enjoy it! I do not have to be a fan to acknowledge that they have been around for a long time and the reason for that should be that they really appeal to electro pop fans.

Clare  said:
on Thursday 21-Nov-19 08:37 AM
I don't know what this really about but based on your Blog I do not really feel that this is something I am interested in, but I would keep my mind open to learn more into this.

Ziyanda  said:
on Thursday 21-Nov-19 08:21 AM
I am not a fan of electro pop but I might just download one of the band's song.

david  said:
on Thursday 21-Nov-19 07:36 AM
i don't want to start any blasphemous rumours,
but i think that god's got a sick sense of humour,
and when i die, i expect to find him,


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