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Huge demand for web cameras

As you can imagine, with Zoom video, Microsoft teams and a variety of other products, web cameras are suddenly incredibly popular. So much so that if for example you want to get the Logitech 4K Pro you can order it from Apple for $199 and it will be shipped to you in 8 to 10 weeks’ time! 

Second hand they are going on E-bay for $322 – approximately 60% more than a brand new one, but of course you cannot get hold of a brand new one right now!  When I bought them for all of the staff in my office and had them all put on their computers a few years ago, there was never any difficulty in buying a web camera, but it is definitely one of the hot products of 2020!  

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Melandre'  said:
on Friday 19-Jun-20 10:30 AM
This pandemic has proven that communication and work is adequately possible through the use of technology. The entire legal system has moved online, thanks to technology for carrying us. Seems a paperless world might well be our future.

Roxanne  said:
on Thursday 04-Jun-20 03:03 PM
A lot of companies are taking advantage of the lockdown and how desperate people are.

Cornelie  said:
on Thursday 04-Jun-20 10:27 AM
All the lock down necessities will be on high demand such as ipad, laptops etc. Also Netflix and Showmax has made a killing over lock down as so many families subscribed.

Zandelee  said:
on Friday 29-May-20 05:34 PM
I do not know what we would have done without webcams during this lockdown. Cant imagine how we would have been able to conduct trials. Its amazing that judges and the court who usually hate working with technology have adapted to so called new normal

Helen  said:
on Friday 29-May-20 03:21 PM
With so many people now firmly settled into work-from-home life, web cameras become nearly impossible to find and if you manage to find one - very expensive one.
Absolutely correct decision few years ago to supply for each desk top at the office one web camera!

Kayla  said:
on Thursday 28-May-20 08:26 AM
I think that this epidemic really showed people how they can actually communicate and work through technology to make things work and function still around the world. The web cams make it safe for us social distance wise , whether it be to skype maybe with family or have meetings for business. It is a great product to have.

Zindy  said:
on Thursday 28-May-20 08:14 AM
The Lockdown has certainly forced people to rely alot more on technology than before. Everything now being done electronically where as before it was not considered. Its not a bad Strategy looking forward as we now know it can be done. Virtual meetings should be able to take place more frequently for alot of reasons not just because of the lockdown. People can save many costs by doing this.

brumilde  said:
on Tuesday 26-May-20 09:29 AM
The needs change with the current situation in the world. No one though that to have gloves and a facemask would be important, then the virus came and the market exploded, everyone buying them, then people started making them at home and selling them, making a profit. Opportunity and need go hand in hand

Michelle Smillie  said:
on Monday 25-May-20 01:42 PM
The various lockdowns around the globe in response to Covid-19 have changed the way people live and work. Many items that were not very popular before, will become popular now as people adjust to new ways of doing things.

Henrietta  said:
on Monday 25-May-20 10:37 AM
Well with the virus and social distancing this is what i future will look like. No more person to person meeting everything will be done via technology. What is disappointing though is the fact that its so expensive now, just like all the things we need like sanitizer mask ect are expensive.

Victoria  said:
on Monday 25-May-20 09:54 AM
Web cams are in high demand now because of the lockdown but I also think printers and laptops are also in high demand because people needed to work from home during this lockdown.

Daniella  said:
on Monday 18-May-20 12:57 PM
That is quite interesting considering that all laptops come with webcams at the moment - and since the virus sales of laptops have also sky rockets- I guess however that the quality of a webcam and the quality of a laptop webcam are definitely completely different

Claudia B  said:
on Monday 18-May-20 08:44 AM
I would say it's a good thing for the companies that's selling the web cameras, it's bad that you need to wait so long and for the price they are selling for. Zoom meetings and Microsoft teams will be the new way of doing all meetings.

Ashleigh  said:
on Monday 18-May-20 08:00 AM
I can imagine that alot of software companies are making quite a bit of business during this time. People are insecure now. Mindsets have been changed and will be changed for a very long time.

Tamaryn  said:
on Sunday 17-May-20 03:47 PM
With all of these app's, I prefer to have them on my phone. The integrated camera works just as well and is more accessible on the go. I can imagine along with webcams, other products that cannot believe their luck as a result of Covid is Dettol, Domestos and the like.

Mathilda Du Preez  said:
on Friday 15-May-20 03:36 PM
Online Virtual is the new way of doing meetings, gatherings and even socialising.
Especially with COVID-19 this will be the new normal, no more face to face meetings.

Joyce  said:
on Friday 15-May-20 01:28 PM
I think technology changes people’s life style everyday and think that technology takes over the world. I don’t think there will be a company out there that would want to be left behind by not having a web camera

Megan  said:
on Friday 15-May-20 10:10 AM
I completely agree with Nicolle, we are like pack animals at this point and we do crave human interaction. I mean the fact that the president said kissing and hugging is basically forbidden stresses the issue about how this virus is controlling people. Moms and dads can't greet each other with a kiss nor parents greet their child with a hug? I understand the severity of this virus but there might just be an uprising at some point...

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Friday 15-May-20 09:17 AM
This virus has changed the whole world. I've never really been a big fan of technology, but during this lockdown technology was the only way my family and I could see one another. No satisfaction at all, nothing beats a hug and a kiss

Bronwyn  said:
on Friday 15-May-20 09:02 AM
It is no surprise that that they are selling out that fast and at such an expensive rate for a second hand device,I remember when the lock down was announced all networks had sold out on their modems and routers by the Thursday afternoon because of the great demand.

Nicolle  said:
on Thursday 14-May-20 09:53 PM
Now, more so than ever before, people communicate by videoconferencing. Not only for work purposes, but, for personal purposes. People are still human, for the most part. At the core, we tend to crave human interaction, and, now that this virus and the worlds' reaction thereto has almost stripped us of that ability of interaction, we seek for other means of communication. People are pack animals. This is my opinion.

Sinead  said:
on Thursday 14-May-20 11:57 AM
It's strange that these people don't have laptops with built in webcams. I thought more people use laptops over PCs. Maybe they prefer working off PCs.
Maybe the quality of the video is better with these plug in webcams?
The next thing they should create is a PC monitor with a built in webcam.

Chante  said:
on Thursday 14-May-20 10:01 AM
Not surprising at all that web-cameras are now selling out super fast - with everything going on, it is the most efficient way for some businesses to keep in contact with clients and employees, etc.

fikile  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 06:44 PM
Its understandable with this covid 19 thing hanging over our head currently it makes sense to do business via video cam,so everyone wants it.

Prishani  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 04:43 PM
I am sure that there are a lot of tech products that are in demand now and of course the manufacturers and shops will increase their prices drastically- it would be a good investment taking into account that this will be a necessity for the next year.

thembi  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 04:04 PM
This camera is good idea. People can speak to each other and be able to communicate. I think this is important for the future

sandra  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 04:03 PM
Technology at its best. It is a good thing that we have advanced technology. With COVID we can still communicate with one another and because so many people / companies use it, there will obviously be a huge demand for them

Ziyanda  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 02:40 PM
This is largely because people need to communicate with each other without being in the same room especially for companies. Those who are only buying them now are definitely regretting not getting them years back before COVID-19.

Sujata  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 02:07 PM
It is an exciting development that video conferencing is the new norm and perhaps a means that makes it much easier to converse with a client, counsel or other attorneys and saves on the costs and time in the long run. Although like most products during this period consumers are being exploited on costs and business, even those selling second hand are looking to make a quick buck or two.

Melissa  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 01:38 PM
So many things changed in this short time of period and things are just getting more expensive. Technology is drastically taking over the world and before you know it some of us wont be able to stay head above water and that is a big concern.

Courtney  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 11:31 AM
You can never go wrong with cameras!
I'm definitely getting me one. Camera's can never lie, it is very needy it most cases.

Lucretia  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 10:26 AM
I must say, i am keen to get a few cameras for my home so that i can go onto my phone and check up on it every now and then, especially when the security company i am using phones me to say an alarm has gone off.

Kendall  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 09:45 AM
Life as we know it has changed drastically. Video calling is becoming the new normal. It is definitely forcing people to use the available technology now more than ever. It is however, difficult for many people to adapt to these new ways of living as generally people are opposed to change. It is very interesting to note how the price of webcams has increased.

Natasha  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 09:43 AM
Its Ridiculous that they over charge for second hand ones I mean really our economy is already suffering like it is now they want to charge outrages prices for second hand cameras. I don't want to know how everything is going to shoot through the roof after all of this is over. I mean something so simple as a web cam and they are already exaggerating with the price.

Dasanya  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 09:34 AM
It is ridiculous how so much has changed in such a short time. People have definitely had to adapt their lives in many ways. I think technology will continue to play an important role for many more months to come. It is interesting to note that the demand for second hand web cams have resulted in prices 60% higher than that pf a brand new one. It is understandable if you look at a waiting period of 8 - 10 weeks!

Lourien  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 09:29 AM
Times are changing drastically, who would have thought that webcams would become popular overnight.

People that are not used to change will have a very hard time coping in this time we find ourselves in today. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly cost a lot of companies a lot of money if it has not forced some of them to close down as its not easy to keep up with all the changes and products that are out of stock or over priced.

Patrick Sedutla.  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 09:16 AM
Corona virus has changed the whole world. Technology is taking over world and this is the right time to invest in technology related shares. My prediction is that until next year June they will continue to sell like hot cakes.

Angelique  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 09:15 AM
Quite in demand now. However most laptops have webcams which many people work from opposed to old school PCs. There are so many items becoming popular due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Everything is online now in order to maintain some sense of normalcy and try conduct business so makes sense doesn’t it.

Clare  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 09:10 AM
I sure that we have a big demand on webcams not only for meeting for work reasons but also family time. So many people like myself we can not visit our in laws so we do a video family gathering just so that my in laws can see my children and how big they are getting.

Thabitha  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 08:59 AM
Luckily smart phones also has all these app's that works and life has changed in a blink of an eye but what can we say we are not in control of anything

Melissa van Tellingen  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 08:48 AM
It makes sense. With the high demand of everything now taking place virtually (even court) , I'm sure these suppliers are very busy and can't keep up with the demand.

Nicolene  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 08:45 AM
With technology these days most laptops have built in cameras that can be used as well as Apps on your smart phone. I can't believe that a second hand one is more expensive, but if you desperate then you have no choice but to buy a second hand one.

Jessica  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 08:37 AM
Yes they would be and can you imagine the new prices on these cameras too. I am glad that we have on our computers already and that they come standard on your laptops.

Michelle D  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 08:22 AM
In a business setting web cameras are gold at the moment. Especially in the legal industry where now we are conducting trials via video conferencing. They are of great value when trying to implement social distancing measures and keep business and customer contact alive and well.

Nikita  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 08:18 AM
Luckily most modern laptops have built in cameras and you can use some of these applications on your phone which also have cameras. I would not spend double the money on something second hand but I suppose when you are desperate you have no choice

Alexis  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 07:54 AM
The is a perfect example of supply and demand. The world is now going to go through a change in which people will no longer interact as they used to and will be very wary before they expose themselves. We ordered more masks and the shipping was a lot longer than usual, the more that something is wanted, the longer one will have to wait for it as the demand is high, and stocks run out and have to be replenished, and so on and so forth

david  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 07:53 AM
have already consulted with a couple of clients via zoom.
feels a bit weird.
normally people are blown away with my good looks.
with only my face to look at, and none of the rest of my awesomeness, i am having to concentrate on being a nicer person.

Karien  said:
on Wednesday 13-May-20 07:44 AM
This is no surprise. Video conference calling is the new way of conducting business in order to prevent the spread if the virus. Not only do businesses use web cameras, but family members are also using them to stay in contact with each other.


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