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Can South Africa afford another shut down?

I have always said that until a vaccine is found, its going to get down to a choice between saving lives and jobs.  South Africa is one of those countries where no jobs could mean more people dying than from a coronavirus.  I am not surprised that people are getting tired of some of the strictest quarantine conditions in the world.
I think most people know that until a vaccine is found there is very little we can do to guarantee we won’t get the disease other than stay at home and not allow anyone we live with in or out.  Most people do not want to live that way and many cannot afford to live that way.  Our economy and resources are not big enough to carry on like we have been, or for another shut down at a later stage.
Many have lost their jobs, many more are not being paid or will continue to not earn anything and that is going to stop them being able to feed their families or get appropriate healthcare when they need it.  We cannot bring our economy and our country to its knees, for months on end, in order to save those that may die otherwise.  It’s a terrible choice to have to make but by re-opening that is the decision that is effectively being made.  People who are most at risk can’t rely on everyone else to stay inside to keep them safe – they themselves need to stay indoors and not venture out and take risks.
We need to be careful, we need to try and live more healthily and to take steps ourselves to protect our families but a shutdown hasn’t achieved much and I don’t think we can afford it again.

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Shristi   said:
on Wednesday 08-Jul-20 08:56 AM
Our economy can in no way afford another shut down. We are barely coping to begin rebuilding the economy after the first one so imagine the devastating implications of another lockdown

zandelee  said:
on Wednesday 08-Jul-20 08:20 AM
I hope the government will be wise enough to adjust the conditions, as and when necessary, and amend regulations however a hard lockdown will do South Africa no justice

Ruby  said:
on Wednesday 08-Jul-20 08:07 AM
South Africa cannot afford another lockdown as some are now faced with a choice between "dying" of hunger and dying of covid19 - in the most extreme cases. We need to keep on educating people, and businesses must find ways to reinvent themselves in the new normal.

Jolene   said:
on Tuesday 07-Jul-20 05:23 PM
I agree, there is no way we will survive another hard lockdown. I don’t think people will adhere to the lockdown rules anymore. The economy can simply not afford another hard lockdown.

Tamaryn  said:
on Tuesday 07-Jul-20 03:02 PM
I wholly agree that the economy needs to open up again and that those who are vulnerable must be responsible enough to self-isolate and take protective measures. Let the rest of the country assume the risk if they want to and let them go back to their work and back to their daily lives. In doing so, the healthy can still work to be able to afford to take care of the vulnerable.

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Tuesday 07-Jul-20 02:09 PM
There is no way we will survive another shut down, that is just crazy. There is to many people that don't care about social distancing or even just wearing their masks. How will they even stay at home?

Nicolle  said:
on Wednesday 01-Jul-20 03:07 PM
A lockdown cannot prevent further spread of Corona as a majority of the population cannot socially distance. If there is a further lockdown, the poor will become more poor, helpless and even more dependent on a state with already dwindling resources. The nonsensical "control" on economic activity is exactly that, nonsensical and simply harming a already vulnerable economy. So, I say no to the idea of any further lockdown.

Sinead  said:
on Tuesday 30-Jun-20 04:56 PM
I don't think another hard lockdown would be a good idea. I also don't think our president wants to shut the country down again. Then again we never know, with the experts' advice and the president's advisors...
The economy cannot afford another hard lockdown.

Helen  said:
on Tuesday 30-Jun-20 09:51 AM
I agree with this blog, to shut down businesses only weeks after reopening them would cripple an economy that’s already on its last legs.

It’s unlikely that the government will revert to the hardest form of lock down again.

I think the whole point of a hard lock down is to ‘flatten the infection curve’ and prepare health care facilities for an uptick in patients.

Bronwyn  said:
on Tuesday 30-Jun-20 08:23 AM
I do not think that our Economy can afford another Shutdown, our people are starving at this moment, and so many who has already lost their jobs it just would not make sense.

brumilde  said:
on Tuesday 30-Jun-20 07:56 AM
I have installed the news24 app. So everyday when there is a highlight I get a notification, and I have read that on more than one occasion someone has written about the possibility of another lock down, but we are below junk, we cannot afford it

Tersia  said:
on Monday 29-Jun-20 01:29 PM
In my opinion - the shut down has achieved nothing expect for putting our people in a worst off situation. South Africa's numbers are climbing everyday so what are they actually achieving with this? Helping people to fall in a depression, if you ask me. I am really getting sick of these strict conditions and most of it doesn't even make any sense why the Government would put these measures in place. People cannot afford another Level 5 lockdown, that would be crazy.

Daniella  said:
on Monday 29-Jun-20 08:34 AM
South Africa could never afford the lock down in April let alone another one - people struggle to make a living without Covid-19 so with it they struggle even more. It would be amazing if the vaccine can come from the studies currently happening at Wits would be amazing for the Country.

Brenda Strydom   said:
on Thursday 25-Jun-20 03:49 PM
South Africa is already struggling to recover from the Covid 19 and i must agree we can not afford another shut down.The only thing we can do is to be careful and
to protect ourselves.

Dune  said:
on Thursday 25-Jun-20 03:08 PM
We are already struggling to recover from the lock down we had and are still in. Apart from the Economy not surviving a second lock down, mentally I will not be able to cope, I cannot be locked up in four walls 24/7. I am sure most South Africans feel the same way.

Prishani  said:
on Wednesday 24-Jun-20 04:50 PM
I don't think South Africans will be as compliant with a second level 5 lockdown. I think many people are still trying to recover from the devastating effects. It’s a tough call to make because we also have to consider the lives of our people. I still sadly think that another shut down will cause more damage than good.

Ashleigh  said:
on Wednesday 24-Jun-20 08:56 AM
South Africa is certainly one of the last countries that would be able to afford another shutdown. South Africa couldn't handle the first shutdown and had other countries assisting them financially. South Africans don't have a choice but to take their chances with being infected by the virus in order to provide for their families.

Thabitha  said:
on Wednesday 24-Jun-20 08:09 AM
I agree we can not afford another shut down we need to move on with our lives, government can not afford to feed people and provide healthcare alone

Colleen  said:
on Monday 22-Jun-20 12:30 PM
The economy was under immense pressure before the shutdown; and definitely cannot sustain another. A new normal needs to be implemented where a balance is struck between all interests in the matter.

Dasanya  said:
on Monday 22-Jun-20 09:07 AM
South Africa definitely cannot afford another shutdown and it is terrible to have to make the choice between saving jobs or saving lives and unfortunately our lives cannot be placed on hold until there is a vaccine. This is the new normal and we just have to adapt accordingly.

Kayla  said:
on Friday 19-Jun-20 04:21 PM
The economy will definitely not make another shutdown. It would be more disastrous as what it is now. And , with that said, the citizens are already frustrated with the rules and laws implemented in this lock down, I think they would act out if another shutdown would have to take place, it ultimately would be a disaster. Re-opening the economy and requesting those at risk to look after themselves and stay inside I believe was a better decision for the economy and citizens. This virus is something we cannot run away or hide from. Its going to be here for quite a while, we cant stop our lifes or put it at a hault for months on end.

Melandre'  said:
on Friday 19-Jun-20 11:08 AM
I don't think our country could take a second hit. Financially we would fold, our economy is barely surviving as is. I think the best way forward to survive is to continue following all precautionary measures but to keep moving forward, keep companies open and allow people to make an income.

Kathryn  said:
on Friday 19-Jun-20 10:33 AM
It is interesting to see a country like Sweden, that resisted the global trend of implementing a lockdown with the implications on the economy as its sole concern and motivation for its resistance. Its healthcare nor its economy has collapsed, perhaps the gamble was worth it.

Patrick Sedutla  said:
on Friday 19-Jun-20 08:57 AM
The situation is very with our economy is very bad. If the anc/government is not careful, we will face a serious revolt by unemployed masses. The situation is quite serious and my stats indicates that 4 out every 6 business is going to lose down.

Jessica  said:
on Friday 19-Jun-20 08:28 AM
I do not think the economy will be able to handle another shut down, as is they hardly made through the first shut down. South Africa already has a very high unemployment rate and now it is even worse. Some of their decisions they made have not exactly been good ones which hurt the economy even more. I do believe it was necessary at that time, but another one is not an option.

Joyce  said:
on Wednesday 17-Jun-20 12:25 PM
I also think that SA can not afford another shutdown especially economically.
I think the best way forward to survive is to continue follow all precautionary measures and stay safe until the cure is discovered.

Tersia  said:
on Friday 12-Jun-20 12:49 PM
I agree another lock down will just not do.
I feel so sorry for the people who are not able to work or reopen their business and has to wait for level 1 to do so. It feels very unfair and I wish the Government can just wake up and see what this is doing to our country and the people. I have heard of people committing suicide because they have no money to feed themselves and have fallen into depression. How is that then saving lives? I say have the people where there are huge numbers of the virus on lock down - not the whole country and if it's more one town who has large numbers of the infection then than specific town needs to shut down and leave the rest of us to be.

Karien  said:
on Friday 12-Jun-20 10:16 AM
I agree, the shutdown hasn't achieved much.
It was only done to prepare the medical facilities for an influx of Covid-19 patients, but clearly our health care system will be overwhelmed just like first world countries health care system were overwhelmed at some point during the pandemic.
like you said, we need to be careful, protect ourselves and our families and take active steps to stay and live healthy.

Chante   said:
on Thursday 11-Jun-20 01:54 PM
All of us definitely do need to keep ourselves safe and if each person can be responsible at least for themselves then that would hopefully decrease the chances of another lockdown but sadly we live in a world full of irresponsible people who prefer to do as they please rather than be safer and protect themselves and others.

Lucretia  said:
on Thursday 11-Jun-20 11:09 AM
I am so over the lock down and the corona virus. It is a known fact the the flu kills around 100 000+ people every year so, let us put our big girl panties on and get on with life. If we are going to catch it, then let us do so now and get over with it. We have to build up an immunity to it, the only way we can is by being exposed to it.......

Victoria  said:
on Thursday 11-Jun-20 08:42 AM
I don't think South Africa can afford another shut down, this level 5 lockdown puts a lot of strain on everyone and makes people worry more about what the future holds for them. I agree we all need to live a little bit more healthier.

Claudia B  said:
on Wednesday 10-Jun-20 05:05 PM
I don't think another shut down will be the best idea for South Africa, I don't think South Africa will be able to afford another shut down. Let's just hope we don't get another shut down.

thembi  said:
on Wednesday 10-Jun-20 01:59 PM
This lockdown already cost money we can not afford another one. The economy is looking bad and it will cost more money and jobs. We must carry on and not be scared.

Mathilda  said:
on Wednesday 10-Jun-20 11:23 AM
South Africa could not even afford the first shutdown, imagine the devastating impact it will have if we have another shutdown.

So many people lost their jobs because of the shutdown and personally was absolutely useless and unnecessary.

There is no way of knowing who will get COVID and who won’t, but ill rather take the chance and work so I can ensure my family has a roof over their heads and food to eat.

Natasha  said:
on Wednesday 10-Jun-20 09:49 AM
I Don't think that South Africa will survive another Lockdown,our unemployment rate has gone sky rocket and some peoples salaries are being cut.They know South Africa is struggling but still they will band cigarettes and honestley i dont know how they going to get our economy back to the way it was.

Ziyanda  said:
on Wednesday 10-Jun-20 09:29 AM
I also agree that we cannot afford another shut down and I don't see how that would benefit anyone. Since some parts of the country were not on lockdown in the first place.

Henrietta  said:
on Wednesday 10-Jun-20 09:07 AM
Definitely agree with your blog. South Africa cannot afford another shut down and the lockdown has not achieved much infections still raised daily. The company my husband works for which is a huge company and well known in the roofing industries have already advised employees that a huge number (between 200-300) employees will be retrenched in the next 60 days. I believe many more are in the same boat or worse going into liquidation. I am of the opinion that it’s in your hands now, to take precaution to protect yourself and if you are in the risk group stay at home.

Michelle D  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 04:59 PM
Chances are that even if we try and live more healthily and take steps to protect our families, everyone will inevitably get sick and hopefully lockdown has allowed our government and healthcare systems have had enough time to prepare for this. Level 3 lockdown is much more manageable. People are allowed to return to work and it is much easier to maintain a relatively normal life in this level.

Melissa van Tellingen   said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 04:56 PM
I agree that SA will not be able to afford another lockdown. I know of many families that are struggling to keep their heads above water just trying to keep food on the table for their children and families.

Danielle  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 03:43 PM
South Africa cannot afford another lockdown. There are way to may people suffering and loosing there jobs. We need to follow the rules and regulations and pray that this virous can come to an end.

Roxanne  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 02:25 PM
South Africa will not survive another level 5 lockdown, even before the lockdown South Africa wasn't doing well and lockdown has made things worse.

Alexis  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 02:23 PM
The country was already in a volatile situation as it was. We cannot afford to have this continue the way it has been. The numbers are rising everyday, but it is nice that there are far more recoveries than deaths throughout the world.

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 11:35 AM
We are barely surviving this lockdown. I understand that there are people who are at risk and need to take special precautions, but the majority of people are not working and therefore not being paid, businesses had to shut down, the whole economy is suffering. The ones who know they need to take special precaution or who are at higher risk should be given the opportunity to work from home where possible and avoid going out, but I do feel that it is time for the shutdown to end and for businesses to be able to operate at full again. We cannot stay on luckdown until every sign of this virus has left. Unemployment and poverty are already extremely high in SA, we already have people dying every day due to starvation and malnutrition, and other aspects of living in poverty and not being able to afford proper health care - this is just making it worse.

Melissa   said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 11:28 AM
Businesses will not survive if there must be another shutdown. There is nothing else we can do about this situation. We must all just be very careful and take the necessary precautions. Pray and hope for the best

Megan  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 10:24 AM
I agree we need to take all the precautionary measures to protect ourselves but I also don't think we're the problem... There are many areas who, from level 5, never followed the rules and maybe things could've been different if the government cared for all its citizens a lot more. Currently going out or staying in all means the same, individuals need to leave their homes to make money and that's where the thread starts. We needed to go about this whole thing a different way, the lockdown worked for so many other countries but of course its not working for ours...

Nicolene  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 09:21 AM
No we can definitely not afford another shut down, but even if we need to go back to level 5 people will still not follow the rules and regulations so it will not help anyways. I feel so sorry for all the people that lost their jobs and for the people that's not getting paid during this time and unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it.

Courtney  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 09:11 AM
Well just have to face whatever comes our way. Yes this whole virus is terrible but to be honest, I'd rather risk my life and health before I see my family and friends struggle.
South Africa can definitely not afford to go on shutdown again.
I feel sorry for everyone and I really wish I could help more,

Clare  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 08:53 AM
This lock down is currently going out of control and i feel that this country will not survive another long lock down i pray that i does not happen and i agree with Kendall "We cannot avoid the virus forever - life needs to return to normal". I hope we can return to normal.

Kendall  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 08:29 AM
I completely agree. It was good to have the lockdown in the initial stages of this pandemic to prepare for the inevitable but it has gone too far now. We cannot avoid the virus forever - life needs to return to normal. It could be a year or two until a vaccine is actually found and we cannot stand indoors until such time. People need to earn a living and sustain our economy. I think the best way to respond to this pandemic is just to take all the precautionary measures to protect yourself and your families. Another shut down is not the solution.

Tayla  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 08:09 AM
I think people starving from no income is a bigger problem than contracting the actual virus in this country. We don't get help financially from our government like other countries do, forcing us to go back to work.

sandra  said:
on Tuesday 09-Jun-20 07:08 AM
The South African Reserve Bank announced that the economy could shrink by between 2% and 4%. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, South Africa’s economy was not doing well.The cost of the lockdown has been steep in a country where half the population of 56 million live in poverty. We do not know how long the virus will be here for (or until the vaccine is found) and so it is important that we can still work because it has greatly impacted not just the economic sector but also many many lives of individuals financially.


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