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Keeping Doors 0pen During Covid-19

It has become increasingly obvious over the last few months that one of the most important things, when dealing with Covid-19, is to ensure fresh circulation of air.  The virus floats in the air, and people who work, or congregate in a closed area, such as a nightclub, are the most at risk.  Open air, or creating a flow of air in and out of a building, is obviously the best place to find oneself. 

In that regard, all of my staff are encouraged to keep all of their windows and the doors of the offices open.  It may not seem convenient during the colder months, although truthfully Johannesburg and Pretoria have wonderful weather in the late morning and early afternoon on any given day, but it's the right thing to do.  One can always dress for the weather, and if it means that the offices are colder than normal, but safe, that's clearly the most sensible option.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 Share on Facebook   Tweet It

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Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Wednesday 30-Sep-20 01:15 PM
Love the fresh air, my windows and doors are always open at home.

Cornelie  said:
on Friday 04-Sep-20 10:25 AM
Even if it is not for the Corona, windows must be open for fresh air even at night for your brain to have some oxigen.

Thabitha  said:
on Friday 04-Sep-20 07:10 AM
We all have to do anything that will keep us safe and hoping that this virus will go away soon

Sinead  said:
on Wednesday 02-Sep-20 09:49 AM
In high school I had a teacher who always told us to open our windows as well. Come hell or high water, those windows were open. And today I understand why she did that.
With this virus, same thing.

brumilde  said:
on Wednesday 02-Sep-20 09:38 AM
Interesting to see how they come up with this. Always better to be safe than sorry. Follow the rules ect

Nicolle  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:31 AM
Fresh Air! I am also a fan of free flowing air. Air circulation. I'd advocate for air flow

Daniella  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:13 AM
great how something so simple could be so effective - makes sense as to why it would work a constant flow of air is always beneficial.

Chante  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 08:21 AM
Fresh circulation of air is truly important. It is better to get fresh air and a few minutes of sun rather than staying in doors with windows and doors closed. Much better with fresh air.

Kathryn  said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 04:47 PM
I'd choose open windows and a fresh breeze over a stuffy stagnant room any day.

Jolene   said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 04:17 PM
I also read various articles confirming that good ventilation can reduce the risk of catching corona virus. We all have to do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus.

Brenda Strydom   said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 07:32 AM
We must keep windows and Doors open all times .Fresh air is really a must.At least we are approaching spring soon and Summer is also coming.

Zindy  said:
on Thursday 27-Aug-20 07:35 AM
Circulation is always the best option not just because of the Covid. We should always have windows open circulating fresh air in summer or winter.

sarah  said:
on Tuesday 25-Aug-20 11:55 AM
Keeping the windows and doors open is always a good thing . Air circulation helps the virus not spread so quickly . That is why flu in winter spreads so much, because everyone keeps their doors and windows close for the cold. The lack of fresh-air circulation increases the viral density. Sunmmer will be here soon and we can all go out in the fresh air and enjoy the sun

Ashleigh  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 04:48 PM
Being outside for fresh air flow is good so I suppose ensuring windows and doors be kept open can help. I am not a winter person so it really isn't easy on cold days!

Mathilda  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 03:02 PM
Fresh air is really a must on any given day be it in a pandemic or not.
Especially wearing masks the whole day.

Fresh Air actually improve blood pressure, gives you more energy, more focus etc.

Michelle D  said:
on Friday 21-Aug-20 01:47 PM
Keeping windows and doors open no doubt assists in reducing the risk of infection from Covid-19. As you can get infected by respiratory droplets lingering in the air, recycling the air is very important. On the other hand, unfortunately, having a constant flow of wind does worsen an already runny nose or sore throat.

Alexis  said:
on Friday 21-Aug-20 01:43 PM
I have always been a believer in having at least a door or window open, regardless of it being winter and even regardless of the pandemic we are going through. If it is hot and stuffy, that is where germs are able t soread as I see it.

Tersia  said:
on Thursday 20-Aug-20 05:20 PM
I must say at home I am always the one to close all the windows and doors especially in the winter. Luckily I got a dog which forces me to keep the doors open for him and have a boyfriend who loves the cold air so I am constantly coming home to a open house - might just be the reason why we have not caught the virus.

Joyce  said:
on Thursday 20-Aug-20 03:18 PM
I think keeping doors and windows opened and allowing fresh air to circulate in the office is the easy way to control Covid 19. I think it is better to wear warm clothes for the cold weather and follow precautions for Covid 19 try to limit the spread of the virus

thembi  said:
on Wednesday 19-Aug-20 05:21 PM
With fresh air is much better. I just think too cold in winter but it is better for this virus because it does not like the cold

sandra  said:
on Wednesday 19-Aug-20 05:20 PM
I believe that the fresh air is good, but this virus will stay on the surface, regardless of whether there is a fresh breeze coming in or not.

Jessica  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:39 AM
Yes fresh air is doing good. In fact it is always good no matter what comes. Fresh air has the best healing power so I read many many years ago when you have any sort of sickness. It is cold though but rather the cold than the virus.

Helen  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:26 AM
Very good news that summer in South Africa is on its way, We had today very first rain and air is so fresh and moist! So it is the best time now to open all the windows and doors and also try to spend some time outside - walking or jogging!
Summer and warmer, brighter weather helping to suppress the virus. I believe that South African climate, weather, sunshine and vitamin D will defeat coronavirus!

Prishani  said:
on Monday 17-Aug-20 05:17 PM
I think fresh air is always welcomed and I think many of us appreciate it more now, especially when having to wear a mask all the time! With spring around the corner the cold wind shouldn't really be an issue anymore.

Kayla  said:
on Monday 17-Aug-20 04:30 PM
Fresh air is always the best. Whether there is a pandemic or not I think there should always be a circulation of fresh air. Especially with spring on its way and the rains that are coming it will bring a ot of re-freshness to the lands. And with this heat hopefully the virus will die off abit.

Dasanya  said:
on Friday 14-Aug-20 03:35 PM
Fresh air is always great, Covid19 or not. Especially during these times, having to wear a mask all the time, the more fresh air circulating, the better!

franzelle  said:
on Tuesday 11-Aug-20 03:53 PM
It is great to have the fresh air in the office while you are working, it help you with concentration. It's better to be save then sorry

Victoria  said:
on Tuesday 11-Aug-20 02:25 PM
Everyone should be keeping their windows and doors open for the fresh air to circulate through at home and at the office. At least spring is on its way so it will be easier to keep windows and doors open.

Claudia B  said:
on Tuesday 11-Aug-20 11:10 AM
It's very important to have some fresh air in the offices and summer is also approaching now so it won't be so cold in the offices. Let's rather be safe than sorry.

fikile  said:
on Tuesday 11-Aug-20 11:01 AM
Opening windows is more better than the air corn, the air is always different from the 2 and will always be different. It is always important to the fresh wind blow in the room and let the old air out. Most people can't wait for summer because it ha been very cold this winter and a bit of summer can't hurt.

Kendall  said:
on Friday 07-Aug-20 11:31 AM
It is great to have the fresh air in the office while you are working. At least we are approaching spring so it wont be so cold to have the windows open during the early mornings and evenings.

Danielle  said:
on Thursday 06-Aug-20 01:02 PM
The fresh air is always nice. We are lucky that our winter is almost over and summer is approaching.We must do anything to keep away from the Covid 19. Rather safe than sorry.

Tamaryn  said:
on Thursday 06-Aug-20 10:03 AM
All round it's better to have windows open and fresh air coming in. It also keeps the mind fresh and thinking clearly.

Natasha  said:
on Thursday 06-Aug-20 09:37 AM
Its always nice to have fresh air circulating the air i love leaving the door open except when its cold. But rather save then sorry

Megan  said:
on Thursday 06-Aug-20 08:40 AM
Fresh air circulation I agree is ideal during these times and if it helps keep your family at home safe too (the ones not leaving the house) then I'd do anything to protect them. Just wish we could breathe the air properly without the masks... but yes, better safe than sorry.

Melissa  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 04:34 PM
Rather be safe and keep the doors and windows open, than be sorry at a later stage. We must all be healthy and do what is necessary to prevent getting the virus

Lauren   said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 04:19 PM
Always better to be safe and take all necessary precautions.

Mathilda  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 02:17 PM
Enjoying the fresh air as we approach spring, also we are at least over most of the hectic cold of winter.

So there is really no excuse for your not to have your windows and doors open.

Ziyanda  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 01:57 PM
I enjoy the fresh air during the day but in the morning it is not that pleasant so I just put on a warmer jacket.

Patrick Sedutla.  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 11:45 AM
Rather be safe rather than sorry. Lets jut do it and be safe.

Courtney  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 11:44 AM
I think everyone agrees on this one that we all would rather sit in cold than being warm and i'll. It is getting warmer nowadays.
Fresh air can obviously only do you good.

Lourien  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 11:26 AM
Opening windows and doors to allow fresh air in is such an easy way of staying safe and making sure we overcome covid-19. I have to say its not that cold during the day time and the fresh air is pleasant and welcoming.

Clare  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 10:37 AM
Good air Circulation is wonderful, more for Summer but this winter we have had in Johannesburg was very cold. Dressing for winter is one thing because i know for myself its harder to move around when i have to many items on. I also suffer from a spinal issue since my c sections so the cold air on my back has not been a joy, but i guess i will have to deal due to the Covid-19 spread.

Roxanne  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 10:32 AM
I would rather be cold and bundle up then risk getting the Covid-19 Virus. I generally hate winter so I'm always over dressed during these months

Tayla  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 09:40 AM
I enjoy the fresh air. I would rather be safe and cold. We need good air circulation.

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 09:15 AM
It's better to be a little cold but be healthy. You can wear an extra jacket if needed, but it's better to keep fresh air circulating than to risk the health of your colleagues and your own,

lucretia  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 08:50 AM
The one important thing I have learnt about Covid is to look after your health and weight. If you are healthy you can pretty much overcome most things.

Nicolene  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 08:45 AM
I always open the windows and doors at home and even in the car to create a draft and get fresh air circulating through. It's so refreshing and I'll rather be safe than sorry.

david  said:
on Wednesday 05-Aug-20 07:14 AM
can't wait to dress for the weather in summer.
shorts to work, baby!!!
and i'd be doing it to keep the aircon off and save your life.


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