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Covid-19 statistics

It is fascinating to see the various statistics that come out each and every day and of course, a blog is going to be outdated pretty quickly.  We currently have 590,000 cases in SA with a total of 12,000 deaths.     

We need to compare that to other causes of death in SA, including guns and violence and specifically to motor accidents - which result in approximately 14,000 deaths a year.  In America, Covid-19 is already the third leading cause of death for the year, but many people would have thought it would be the leading cause.  Cancer and heart disease still kill more people in America than Covid-19 does even though, at the time of writing this, it had killed 170,000 Americans and infected 5,4 million.

How many people are killed will depend on how soon a vaccine becomes available and by available I mean available to you and me – not just to people in special risk groups, politicians and sports people and celebrities who will all no doubt get it before the rest of us. 

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 Share on Facebook   Tweet It

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Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Wednesday 30-Sep-20 01:34 PM
I just can't wait for everything to go back to normal, I'm happy to see how the numbers have dropped, just hope it stays like that.

Kayla  said:
on Tuesday 08-Sep-20 04:43 PM
Its really frightening to see the number we are currently at with infections compared to before we went into lock down. Covid has really made an massive impact on the world and changed our lives. Hopefully soon a vaccine will be available so that we can return to a new normal?

Lourien Nell  said:
on Tuesday 08-Sep-20 11:16 AM
I have to say that the Covid-19 stats has dropped significantly and it looks like we have flattened the curve. This is good news, lets hope everything can go back to a new normal soon.

Thabitha  said:
on Friday 04-Sep-20 07:20 AM
We are praying for better life, each and everyone in this world deserve to be safe and live.

Sinead  said:
on Wednesday 02-Sep-20 10:29 AM
I have heard tales about how these stats are not accurate though.
How effective will the vaccine be? There is a vaccine for flu but people still die from the flu...? I've also seen so many conspiracy theories about the vaccine and all the underlying issues we are avoiding because of Covid-19.
What is the truth and what do we believe?

brumilde  said:
on Wednesday 02-Sep-20 09:39 AM
With the new election in America i am sure the way Donald Trump handled the covid-19 pandemic will count against him, then again no one liked him before

Dune  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 02:34 PM
I would think that the stats for gender based violence is higher than the Covid stats - But not much is being done about that.

Nicolle  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:36 AM
Can one truly trust the statistics? How accurate are they? I do not mean to call into question the accuracy to the-T, but, I do doubt that the Southern African Statistics are quite accurate. #FakeNews

Bronwyn  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:23 AM
I have stopped following Stats, as they just do not add up I just pray that we could go back to normal again and this would also be a thing of the past already.

Daniella  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:16 AM
I hope that a vaccine is found soon so that life can at least start getting back to normal.

Helen  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:10 AM
Let's all hope that Vaccine will be available for everyone and our life can get back to normal. It will take some time though to get this done.
We all should try to stay away from this virus and stay safe!
Let's follow all the rules and one day think about it like a bad dream!

Chante  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 08:22 AM
The statistics are vastly increasing and it is quite scary. Hopefully the statistics will decrease soon.

Kathryn  said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 04:52 PM
I agree with Jolene, our stats are very questionable. It is a sad truth to acknowledge that privilege and a person's socio-economic status will come into play with regards to opportunities to a vaccine. The disparities between the wealthy and poor are now more than ever accentuated.

Jolene   said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 04:25 PM
I don’t follow the stats everyday anymore, the accuracy of our stats are also questionable. Hopefully a vaccine will be available soon.

Claudia B  said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 03:42 PM
The stats are changing everyday and it's scary to see how our numbers are climbing. Let's hope that they will bring the vaccine out real soon for everyone. I don't think we will ever go back to normal again. This is our new normal.

Brenda Strydom   said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 07:34 AM
The stats is Crazy. Covid 19 is very bad and it hit the world badly.I really hope a vaccine will be available soon and all can go back to normal again.

Zindy  said:
on Thursday 27-Aug-20 07:41 AM
This Covid has hit the world with a bang. People should of been practicing the hygiene and social distance measures even before this, Having someone breathing on you at a till point is not acceptable in any circumstance and washing hands regular should always be practiced. The stats are still scary considering the hikes every now and then that could be fatal and not having any cure for it. All we can do is try and look after ourselves the best we can.

franzelle  said:
on Thursday 27-Aug-20 07:35 AM
For the moment, we are not witnessing the uncontained global spread of this virus, and we are not witnessing large-scale severe disease or death how will we all now if we will get the vaccine in time before it wipes out all in our population

Victoria  said:
on Wednesday 26-Aug-20 12:48 PM
I agree you need to compare the stats to other causes of death in South Africa but i think Covid is no joke and everyone needs to still be very careful. People can't relax since regulations have been lifted because this will cause a spike in infections.

Angelique  said:
on Wednesday 26-Aug-20 09:27 AM
My doctor advised me that the flu and TB cause more deaths than COVID. I mean we shouldn't take away from the fact that COVID kills but correct, stats show car accidents, gun violence etc also take lives. I guess one just needs to be cautious. I just think at some point we all going to have it.

sarah  said:
on Tuesday 25-Aug-20 11:45 AM
I would like vaccine to be available and tested as well. You never know with elderly and high risk people if there is something in the Vaccine that can cause them to get very sick. Covid 19 has changed the whole world in ways we never expected.

Ashleigh  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 04:59 PM
I read something the other day where it warns people that we should be cautious even though the lockdown regulations have been uplifted and not make the same mistake they made when the Spanish Flu in 1918 lockdown regulations were also lifted. People started being less cautious and took it less serious which was a mistake which cost alot of lives worldwide.

Mathilda  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 03:15 PM
"This too shall pass" Soon COVID 19 will be just another virus like Ebola ,Swine flu and the common cold.

fikile  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 09:30 AM
I think the is a vaccine and we are being told that they haven't found the vaccine, maybe because the haven't been enough people who have died from this virus or maybe they just want to keep it for themselves, it keeps getting strange that they don't get sick but other people do. The more curios I keep getting.

Dasanya  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 08:39 AM
The stats will continue to increase until we get a vaccine that would be available to all. In SA, our recovery rate is quite good at the moment which i think we can owe to the warmer weather on the way. I do hope that a vaccine will be available soon, it will put many at ease.

Prishani   said:
on Friday 21-Aug-20 03:54 PM
The last paragraph of this blog is a shocking reality that we must all face. There will no doubt be special privileges for certain groups of people when a vaccine becomes available.

Michelle D  said:
on Friday 21-Aug-20 01:52 PM
It will be interesting to see the true morbidity rate when this is behind us to really see whether the cost of Covid-19 out weighs the cost of the measures utilized to fight it. Luckily there hasn't really been a surge since we exited lock down but only time will tell how detrimental this thing really is

Alexis  said:
on Friday 21-Aug-20 01:49 PM
The statistics are something. But as long as people are vigilant and stay safe with keeping their boundaries, it could eventually be done with in time - it is the second wave that killed more with regards to the Spanish / 1918 flu, and I suppose it is because people started relaxing, so until it is officially over, people need to do their part in order to survive.

Natasha  said:
on Friday 21-Aug-20 10:02 AM
Never have I thought that something like this will ever happen to us it still feels unrealistic in so many ways just because people have to eat everything that is possible to eat it makes me sick.

Tersia  said:
on Thursday 20-Aug-20 05:13 PM
Never would I have ever thought that our world as we know it could change so much just because people have to eat weird things. I wish everything could just be normal again. The statistics are sure to change especially now with the alcohol open again, as from what I can see no social distancing are being applied.

Joyce  said:
on Thursday 20-Aug-20 04:48 PM
Covid 19 statistics numbers of deaths and infected people in America are big and on the other side in SA numbers of deaths and infected people increase every day. Let’s hope the vaccine becomes available soon.

Lucretia  said:
on Thursday 20-Aug-20 03:51 PM
Well i can say that Covid here has not reached the amount of deaths the flu usually causes per year so, thanks to covid, we don't have as many flu deaths because so far, no one has died from flu. Isn't that amazing, flu kills more people annually but they close the country for a lesser virus..............

thembi  said:
on Wednesday 19-Aug-20 05:19 PM
I hope that there is a cure for this corona. I think maybe in the next few months we will have the vaccine soon

sandra  said:
on Wednesday 19-Aug-20 05:19 PM
There is sure to be a cure for this virus and it seems to be quieting down for now, or at least, if feels like it. I stopped following

Danielle  said:
on Wednesday 19-Aug-20 04:09 PM
We all really hope that the Vaccine can become available to us sooner than later. The vaccine will bring some kind of relief . This Virus can really just go because we all had enough of it we all just want a normal way of living again.

Roxanne  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 04:00 PM
I really hope a vaccine will be available soon and i hope the ones that really need it gets it, like the old people and children.

Ziyanda  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 01:42 PM
I agree with Melissa, I am hoping that the vaccine will be available before winter next year. Although things won't be the same but there will be some sort of normal life.

Nicolene  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 01:41 PM
Without a vaccine, life can’t return to normal. Some companies say their vaccines could be green-lighted for use as soon as this year, but I don't think so. It will probably only be in mid-2021.

I think this will be the norm from now on. We will just have to keep on wearing our masks and stick with social distancing to help reduce the risks of transmission.

Initial supplies would probably go to people who need it most, like doctors, nurses and emergency responders, and essential workers at groceries, pharmacies and mass-transit agencies.

Courtney  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 09:58 AM
This corona virus is very draining. I just want the normal life back!
First of all these masks makes me claustrophobic and it ruins a whole outfit! May all the sick be healed and all the poor get they're jobs back.
I still try and help people where I can.
At least it's level 2. Soon it will be over and done with.

Melissa  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:51 AM
We can only hope and pray that a vaccine will be available asap, because we cannot let this Covid-19 pandemic rule our lives any longer.

Clare  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:49 AM
The Covid-19 Pandemic has cased such havoc in our lives it an endless nightmare, i really hope that Vaccine becomes available to all that needs it. I hope that this virus can because something of the past. However they have made a very big deal about this virus when the biggest Virus that has taken a lot more lives then the covid-19 is still a force that needs to be done about is hunger. And now that we have this virus causing people to lose their jobs is going to kill off many more people with having no income and no food.

Tamaryn  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:48 AM
The virus hi-lights where every country's healthcare weak points are. In SA we've not done enough for TB, AIDS and obesity. This becomes obvious in the face of a virus which preys on the health compromised. They want to keep everyone in fear of the virus and away from each other as much as possible so as to not have to explain the shortcomings in the health care system and health care provision to those with other conditions.

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:43 AM
Hopefully the vaccine will be ready and available sooner than later - this Covid 19 pandemic has taken a huge toll

Jessica  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:38 AM
Well I guess there is so many other things to worry about that can possibly take your life. I just pray that we strong enough to fight the virus off. Because I don't think it is going away at all. Same like influenza.

Megan  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:37 AM
I'm in two mind about this whole thing at this point. I've seen people have every single system and be tested negative for covid but people who have 1 or none are positive "asymptomatic". Sometimes its feels as though positive vs negative is a wheel spin. Every doctor or surgeon says treat the systems and isolate - the test is a money making scheme...

Nikita  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:32 AM
I think it largely depends on your current health and the strain that you catch. I don't believe that there is only one strain of this virus because so many people react and show symptoms so differently to it. Having a family member who works in the government public hospitals front line I do know that those who catch the bad strain really do suffer and it is no joke. Unfortunately the government have not upgraded or maintained the government hospitals over the last 20 years so those that are very sickly but could probably survive with the adequate care are actually dying because it is simply not available in our hospitals.

Melandre'  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:29 AM
What fascinates me is how there are different strains affecting people differently. My grandmother of 75 recently had COVID-19 and the only symptom she had was a blocked nose, during the 2 weeks of quarantine she was fine, she said she has had flu worse than it, but then on the other hand i know of friends family members that have passed from COVID and the youngest was 25. I guess it depends on each individuals immune system and the availability of good health care. I'm quite intrigued to see what will happen during level 2, although I think if we carry on using our intellect and social distancing - we will all be fine.

Tayla  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 08:07 AM
I am so happy we have moved to level 2. Hopefully things will get better now and not worse.

david  said:
on Tuesday 18-Aug-20 07:11 AM
i no longer believe in corona virus.
not enough people have died, and nobody i know either.
and even if it is real, we should simply carry on as usual.
to do try and 'stop' it, or control it, is to attempt to deny evolution.
evolution will not be denied.
it is why we are here today having this discussion.
the strong survive, the weak not.


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