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Apple dominates the market

Apple is very close to becoming the first $2 trillion company by market capitalisation.  It also is now 6,5% of the entire S$P 500, the index of the biggest 500 shares in America.  That is a huge percentage of an index for any one company to have and at its peak, 35 years ago, IBM was 6,4% of the market.  It is amazing if for so many years people knocked Apple shares giving a variety of reasons why they would not rise and they have now gone absolutely crazy.  Later this year of course the new iPhones are going to be released including their first 5G phone.  As somebody who owned and sold Apple (at a good profit) at considerably lower prices than now I cannot help but feel that it is just too high, but it is one of those companies that really absolutely leads and totally dominates in its market.

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Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Wednesday 30-Sep-20 01:38 PM
Apple dominates the Smartphone industry, but it is way to expensive for me.

Michelle D  said:
on Tuesday 29-Sep-20 12:23 PM
Apple may currently be dominating the market but truth is that they are falling behind a bit. They are not the first to release 5g phones to the market. They do not have the best cameras or the fastest operating systems. I would never go back to apple when I can pay a quarter of the price for a phone which is better in all respects.

Colleen  said:
on Wednesday 16-Sep-20 04:06 PM
Definitely a brand of quality product and its market dominance denotes this.

Kayla  said:
on Tuesday 08-Sep-20 04:45 PM
I love apple. I would not go back to android. Its a really great product. Excited to see what the new 5G iphones are going to look like.

Cornelie  said:
on Friday 04-Sep-20 10:37 AM

I am not a apple fan at all of Apple I would not be able to know if it is a good thing for the sale or not. I am not technology very advanced I use the basics on any phone.

Joyce  said:
on Thursday 03-Sep-20 04:32 PM
sounds like Apple product has done well making it happened and able to dominate the market

Mathilda  said:
on Wednesday 02-Sep-20 01:58 PM
Great product, way too expensive.

Sinead  said:
on Wednesday 02-Sep-20 10:18 AM
Apple will forever grow in the market. I believe that if you are an Apple customer, you will probably buy into all the other Apple products (depending on the work you do of course). Same goes for Samsung. But Apple has a much bigger target market.

brumilde  said:
on Wednesday 02-Sep-20 09:42 AM
I still cannot pay so much for the brand. You pay for what you get - oh wait made in china sticker. it is a pretty brand and well known but i am as they say a cheap skate

Ashleigh De Villiers  said:
on Tuesday 01-Sep-20 04:26 PM
I know Apple is one of the best but I am all for cost saving. Though I have an apple phone handed down to me by my daughter which I still need to insert a sim and see what it is all about, I have not gotten to it yet as I am a very simple person when it comes to phones and technology.

Melissa  said:
on Tuesday 01-Sep-20 10:22 AM
Apple is doing very well and is also very expensive to have and repair. It will always dominate the market

Alexis  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 04:49 PM
I cannot say that I have an apply product, but I am sure that that will change in time. Well done to Apple for doing so well.

Henrietta  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:49 AM
Well done to Apple. I personally am not a fan of apple products. My preference is android and I think I will stick to it. I don't know many people who does uses Iphones but the few I do are Apple lovers true and true.

Helen  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:47 AM
It is amazing how Apple dominates the global handset market by capturing 66% of industry profits and 32% of the overall handset revenue. Very strong leader in the major markets like the USA, EU and Japan is one of the reasons that Apple can still operate at a profit level that its competitors can only wish for.

Nicolle  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:33 AM
It is true, I have witnessed that once a person has used Apple they tend to stick with it. It must be pretty hip and cool.

Daniella  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 09:21 AM
Apple has and always will dominate the market whether it is justifiable or not.

Zindy  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 08:40 AM
Apple has indeed dominated the market and is one of the leading brands but I personally do not have an Iphone. I think the one thing that would already annoy me is the compatibility. I have heard you cant just share music or certain things which would not work for me. I have seen the quality of the cameras which are exceptional however more than that i can not comment , I know people with Iphones who have switched back to android because they are not happy.I think its all about the users preference.

Chante  said:
on Monday 31-Aug-20 08:24 AM
I read in an article that search Results Featured snippet from the web
Apple dominates the global handset market by capturing 66% of industry profits and 32% of the overall handset revenue. The loyal premium user base in the major markets like the USA, EU and Japan is one of the reasons that Apple can still operate at a profit level that its competitors can only wish for.

Danielle  said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 04:47 PM
I have never used or owned an apple phone. But from what I have heard I don't think they are user friendly. I also understand that they are very pricy .

Claudia B  said:
on Friday 28-Aug-20 03:39 PM
Apple has been popular since day one,now they are the brand that most people want. it's a very expensive product but I think it's all worth it in the end.

franzelle  said:
on Thursday 27-Aug-20 07:42 AM
I had an apple before and I actually miss my apple phone.It is very expensive to have,but will always be the best product ever

Victoria  said:
on Wednesday 26-Aug-20 12:40 PM
That is incredible for Apple to be dominating the market. I am an apple user and I don't think I would be able to go back to any other brand of cellphone.

Angelique J  said:
on Wednesday 26-Aug-20 09:24 AM
Look at that! Despite their exorbitant prices people are still buying and making Apple wealthier and wealthier. At $2 trillion, Appleā€™s market value is now higher than the GDP of numerous developed countries. How insane? #ShadeThrown

Zandelee  said:
on Wednesday 26-Aug-20 08:29 AM
I am not such a big fan of apple. Apple has in the past removed customer reviews from its online store and this means that customers cant provide useful feedback on their products on Apple stores especially if a product might be bad. Like for example they had 735 1 star reviews on one of their phones but due to the fact that they removed these reviews one cannot tell whether that specific phone is good or not just by looking at the page and secondly their products are way to overprized.

sarah  said:
on Tuesday 25-Aug-20 11:40 AM
I don't like apple products . I don't think they are user friendly and they are over prices. David has a interesting point , I think Bill feels like he won.

Kendall  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 04:38 PM
I find the Apple products to be extremely overpriced. Although they may be good quality, I am happy with my Samsung cellphone. I have a small ipad which I was given as a prize at varsity. I found that it is very restricted in terms of what can be copied onto it. I found it a mission to copy music onto it using itunes, as opposed to simply being able to copy and paste music or pictures on Android devices.

Ziyanda  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 03:24 PM
I have never owned any of the Apple products but would love to get one some day.

Courtney  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 02:53 PM
I'm definitely considering upgrading to apple soon. Never used it or bought apple products before but only been hearing good things about Apple.

Roxanne  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 02:49 PM
I have never owned or use an apple product so i wouldn't be able to comment on how the product is however I've heard its a good brand and popular among the younger generation

Natasha  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 11:02 AM
It's great to see how Apple Dominate I am not a fan of Apple at all I had an I Pad that I won at Cradlestone Mall just after they opened up I think I used it a month and then it ended up lying in my drawer. I gave it to my dad to sell.

Patrick Sedutla  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 09:51 AM
Their products have a lot of followers at a young age and I have no doubt that they will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Melissa van Tellingen   said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 09:40 AM
Happy for Apple. My husband loves it, I don't think it's user friendly and super pricey.

Tayla  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 09:12 AM
Although Apple is expensive, I will never use anything else. Once you get to know Apple it is very user friendly, I am glad to see them dominating.

Nicolene  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 09:02 AM
I don't think I'll ever use anything else again except for Apple. It is expensive, but it's definitely worth it. They have a strong service strategy & Apple's ecosystem is strong enough to guarantee it a steady inflow of revenue in the coming years. I just love it and they've done a great job!

fikile  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 08:56 AM
I have always been a bit skeptical about the Apple products and I always though I would never use and Apple product because it's so expensive, but now I have 2 products from Apple and I still want more. With Huawei trying to be as bad as Apple, I can't wait to see the Apple 5G phone.

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 08:39 AM
Interesting to see how they dominate and keep users loyal. Apple is a good brand, but it is pricey to have.

Melandre'  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 08:35 AM
Iv'e personally never tried apple products but all my friends either have an I-phone, I-pod or Mac Comp, and they all seem to love it.

Bronwyn  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 08:34 AM
I was never really a fan of Apple but it is Amazing to see how they are Dominating the market.

Megan  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 08:34 AM
Besides the functionality of an Android vs Apple devices, I do think I went for an Apple product simply for its aesthetics which is indeed very expensive. I enjoy my phone right now but I really do need to listen and watch those tutorials to get the full use of the phone!

Clare  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 08:32 AM
I have never used Apple. So i am not sure how this brand is i have had a brief encounter with an Apple phone and i personal did not like it. Maybe if i got to use it for sometime and get the hang of it maybe i could like it. But Well done to the creators of this Brand you guys and ladies have done a great job since.

david  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 07:42 AM
with steve being dead, i wonder if bill feels like he won after all.

Lauren  said:
on Monday 24-Aug-20 07:32 AM
As an Apple user I have to admit how expensive it is however, I cannot bring myself to use any other brand. Apple really knows how to get one loyal to their brand.


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