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2020 US election - postal votes

As the election gets closer you will be hearing a lot about this.  That is because Donald Trump has been speaking about this issue all the time saying it is not possible to have a fair election if there are postal votes.  He does add one exception to that – he will not win Florida without postal votes of the elderly so he has said that postal voting in Florida is fine. 

The important thing to remember, when you hear about all of this in the future, and he Russians are already spreading fake news about it, as they did in the 2016 election, is that Americans have been allowed to vote by post forever.  In fact, it is quite routine for up to one-third of all votes, including when Trump won in 2016, to be via post.  It is not unusual, it is not strange and Trump’s own appointees will confirm this.  His Postmaster General, appointed by Trump, has said the Post Office can deal with all the votes even though Trump says they can’t.  His FBI director has said that they have had no evidence, now or in the past, of any significant fraudulent voting via post.  In other words, what we are getting prepared to hear, with Russian assistance, is a fake story about fraudulent voting via post.  There is simply no evidence of it and it is the way things have always been.  Just remember that when this becomes a big issue in the first week of November.  Obviously, in a year with Covid-19 there will be far more postal voters than ever before, but what really appears to lie behind it is that President Trump feels that if more people vote he is likely to lose and if less people vote he has a winning chance.  For now, he is way behind in all the polls losing by between 6% to 8%.  

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Daniella  said:
on Wednesday 11-Nov-20 08:53 AM
In America especially during a pandemic this kind of voting would work - however in SA this would never work.

Nikita  said:
on Wednesday 11-Nov-20 08:50 AM
I just don't understand why in this day and age we cannot vote electronically somehow. I am sure that there is a way we can get this done - i suppose they don't want it in South Africa because then they can't corrupt the outcome to their favour.

Ruby  said:
on Tuesday 03-Nov-20 11:45 PM

Ruby  said:
on Tuesday 03-Nov-20 11:00 PM
Donald tries to rig elections, stacking the court in his favor, intimidates voters, cripples the postal service, tries to suppress the vote because he knows when we all vote, he loses.

Mathilda  said:
on Monday 02-Nov-20 11:57 AM
This will never work in South Africa.

The Post Office is barely operating as is.

Patrick Sedutla  said:
on Thursday 29-Oct-20 12:37 PM
He is objecting to this method because he knows a lot of people outside America does not like him. If i was faced with the same problem, i would put a stop to that method so i increase my chances of winning.

Brenda Strydom  said:
on Tuesday 27-Oct-20 07:13 AM
This system will never work in South Africa. I can just see the fraud that’s going to happen when this comes in place.

Zandelee  said:
on Monday 26-Oct-20 05:07 PM
I think during this whole covid 19 pandemic - the postal votes will definitely be more convenient for votes and the convenience which is given to the voters will in all likelihood turnout in an increase in the number of votes. But with that said there will always be a chance of coercion perhaps even between family members or others will occur

fikile  said:
on Monday 26-Oct-20 02:17 PM
We vote every year and still the same people who fail us still rule and most of all they don't even think about other people but themselves. I think that Donald is going to win yet again because the same people he keeps doing them wrong will still vote for him.

Henrietta  said:
on Wednesday 21-Oct-20 11:02 AM
This is typically Trump. If it's doesn't float his boat he wants changes. Where he think he can win like eg Florida then yes it's fine to vote via postal how on earth is that even fair. No votes via postal except maybe so and so. And he think or knows he can get away with this. It's like this man has a crocodile skin, not care for what people think of him and what he does and say to people

Chante  said:
on Monday 12-Oct-20 09:26 AM
It sounds much more convenient to be voting via post. It would be nice if South Africa had the same system.

Dasanya  said:
on Thursday 08-Oct-20 04:48 PM
I believe that when more people vote the desired outcome can be achieved however, due to many people believing that "nothing will change" and not voting, the desired outcome is far from achievable. I do think that postal voting is a great idea but I do think that an electronic voting system would work better. This would have to be strictly controlled to work in South Africa.

Claudia B  said:
on Friday 02-Oct-20 04:43 PM
Postal voting will definitely not work here in SA, it would've been a great thing. They will just find way to corrupt the voting system like they always do. But lets see who will win the elections.

Tersia  said:
on Thursday 01-Oct-20 12:34 PM
I definitely agree with Bianca - postal voting will be a disaster in SA. More ways people can corrupt the voting system. Wish it could work here, would make things so much easier. Can't wait to see how the elections will go - will definitely keep my eye on the news.

Bianca Taljaard  said:
on Wednesday 30-Sep-20 02:06 PM
This will be a disaster in SA, no way it will work.

Bianca Niemann   said:
on Wednesday 30-Sep-20 10:49 AM
I think in a time of Covid postal voting would be the safest especially for people who are at risk with other health conditions who may suffer worse from Covid than the rest of us. Also, it beats standing in a queue for hours and hours on end.

Alexis  said:
on Wednesday 30-Sep-20 08:44 AM
I like this concept to be honest, it makes it far easier for people to do what is necessary. It could work in South Africa if a system is created - say a specific postal box where you can drop it off or post to as well, but then the votes will have to be checked on a system to make sure that people or parties do not decide to send in more for people deceased or made up or whatever it is that they use these days - whether or not the votes will be counted fairly is another question. I find this quite interesting

Tayla  said:
on Wednesday 30-Sep-20 08:18 AM
This could never work in South Africa but I think especially now with Covid it is better to vote via post to avoid gatherings.

Michelle D  said:
on Tuesday 29-Sep-20 12:53 PM
There is absolutely no way that Donald Trump will accept defeat when elections take place, whether it be from planting the seeds of the fraudulent postal votes or filling RBG's seat in the supreme court with yet another conservative republican, he will manipulate the system until it gives him the outcome he wants. It must be an extremely frustrating time to live in the US.

Shristi  said:
on Tuesday 29-Sep-20 12:26 PM
This system of voting would be great, however with that being said this will never work in South Africa. In normal instances our post takes forever to get delivered now just imagine how much worse the service delivery will be due to the pandemic.

Bronwyn  said:
on Tuesday 29-Sep-20 10:14 AM
i do not see this working in South Africa, we have way to much Corruption and already with not receiving day to day registered post this is a big No no For South Africa.

Colleen  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 04:52 PM
You would think that with the technology available in the 21st century that everything would take place over a controlled electronic database, instead of using outdated and archaic systems that enable corruption and miscounts. It is definitely possible and I think Covid-19 has started to introduce the far ranging capabilities of the modern era.

Roxanne  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 03:38 PM
I would think that the post voting would be acceptable in the USA, however this will never work in SA due to corruption and poor service delivery we have in this country. This year with the pandemic i would appreciate postal voting as with social distancing and in SA they cant even do that.

Ziyanda  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 01:39 PM
I do not understand why Trump has a problem with more people voting via post if it has been done and there is no evidence of fraud. Especially now, when people would rather vote via post instead of waiting in ques to vote and putting themselves at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Jolene   said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 01:28 PM
I agree, this is something that will definitely not work in South Africa. Our post office barely operates on a normal day.

Nicolene  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 12:07 PM
Most people will vote via post as they want to avoid social gatherings especially now with Covid-19 and they also do not have to stand in a queue for hours. I think it’s definitely easier this way, but I can just imagine the fraud that’s going to happen.

Courtney  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 11:27 AM
Trump! No words.
Voting over post will be best but will definitely not work in South-Africa.

Sinead  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 11:11 AM
Postal votes? That will never work in SA! How would they accurately count all the votes? What if one posts a vote and goes in to vote as well?
I know SA isn't the only country with corruption but that is one thing I don't doubt will taken advantage of.

sarah  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 10:11 AM
I won't trust the post tho, this would not work in South Africa with our postal services and the corruption. I hope they don't vote for Trump again.

Melissa van Tellingen  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 10:07 AM
Something like this will never work in SA. With post taking forever to get delivered and getting lost I don't see something like this ever working here.

Joyce  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 09:39 AM
Allowing postal voting system in US gives a picture that maybe there is less corruption in US than in other countries in some other countries one has to be physically in the voting station room with their Identity Document before voting and after voting the person is marked that they have voted.

Melandre'  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 08:57 AM
The only reason Trump is complaining about whether the Post Office can deal with all the votes is because he is aware that this way people will be more willing to vote as they don't have to go stand in a que for hours andd ultimately that means there would be less votes in favor of him. As the polls are already indicating a 6 to 8% loss

Natasha  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 08:37 AM
I wonder how this would work. Sometimes post take forever to arrive at the allocated to the correct destination.

thembi  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 08:31 AM
I wonder how this postal vote thing will count because it can get lost and it can maybe not even be counted. I wonder what the result will be here

sandra  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 07:18 AM
Well, the pandemic has many people fearful of voting in person because that often means waiting for hours in a queue. So millions more will vote by post and there are fears it could take days or weeks to count them all. Let us just see how this system will operate

david  said:
on Monday 28-Sep-20 07:06 AM
a conman trying to con a nation.
he got it right before.
they seem to me to be a nation of idiots.
let them have him again!


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